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Desktop PC for a Gamer - HELP!

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  • Desktop PC for a Gamer - HELP!

    I'm after some advice. I am looking for a new desktop for my OH as his is old and is constantly letting him down. He's into internet gaming, e.g. Call of Duty, Warcraft etc so I know he needs one that has tha capacity to load and play his games on. I've found one that looks like it might fit the bill but being quite clueless about these things I'd appreciate some guidance as to whether I'm on the right track. The one I've found has the folllowing:

    • AMD Phenom X3 8250e processor
    • (1.9GHz, 2MB Cache)
    • Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
    • 4GB DDR2 800MHz memory
    • 500GB SATA hard drive (7200rpm)
    • 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce 9300GE graphics
    • Blu Ray Reader and DVD Rewriter
    • Digital TV Tuner
    • 6x USB, 1x IEEE 1394 FireWire® ports

    I've basically been looking for one with a minimum of 4GB but not sure if this is right! Further help / advice very much appreciated!
    Katian Mosaics

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    Hi, i recently bought my desktop pc, we are big gamers and we hunted high and low for one that would fit the bill, My pc was a little pricey but will last hopefully for some years to come,
    my specs are

    AMD Phenom 8550 processor. triple core processor 2.2 ghz per processor.
    5gb ddr2 ram
    640 gb sata drive
    Nvidia GeForce 9500GS graphics with 512Mb dedicated graphics.
    15-in-1 memory card reader.
    Plug & play.
    mine is vista home premium - but as everyone knows vista isnt the best however i have never had any problem with it.
    dvd rewriter
    digital tv tuner

    my pc just eats anything we throw at it.
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    * Julie *

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      Thanks Julie. Can you suggest what I should be looking for? Should I be loking at the processers speed or the RAM, in terms of a good gaming PC???
      Katian Mosaics

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        My son is into gaming and building his own computers

        My son is into gaming and building his own computers I will get him to reply to you later. Your OH my even know him as Gigabeef!


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          Originally posted by toppotter View Post
          My son is into gaming and building his own computers I will get him to reply to you later. Your OH my even know him as Gigabeef!
          Thank you!!!
          Katian Mosaics

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            I'm a game fanatic myself-I'd recommend using a higher MB than 256-I have 512 but if i had the option i would go even higher

            xx Carol xx
            No wonder I eat so much chocolate!!! lol


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              Please Please don't be tempted to buy one from Mesh Computers!

              They have a bad rep for supplying stuff that doesn't work and then messing you about terribly to get your money back . . there are a lot of threads about this on various computer forums . . a quick search on google will show you some of them!

              I bought an ordinary PC from them last year . . it took 4 weeks for delivery when promised 2 . . it wouldn't even boot up on first start up . . they messed me about over a return/refund . . and I ended up making a claim in the County Court . . needless to say I got my money back pretty quickly after they were notified of the claim

              . . in the end I bought a Dell!

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                Any of the new spec PC's will be good enough to play games, I have an older system and even that handles games fine. Its the processor, the graphics card and the ram that make the difference when playing games.
                If you think of a pc as a librarian and you its customer, you go into the library and ask for a book there are 1000's of books on shelves and the librarian can go to search them for a books each time you ask for a title. The downside is it takes time to go and get the book from the shelf. To speed things up he also has a small storage space under the desk which holds 100 books and is much faster to reach a book from. The third method of getting you a book is a small backpack which only holds a hand full of books and is very fast way to get it out and give it to you if your book is in there.

                when you play a game the pc is constantly looking for the information to put the right graphics on the screen, your processor has something called level 2 cache which is like the librarians basket and gets the task performed ultra fast. Next you have the small space under the desk which is like your ram, which again is very fast, but not as fast as the graphics card memory. Finally you have your hard disk memory which is the slower memory for performing tasks. So when a game is being played the pc can take advantage of all 3 forms of memory, it will use the fast one first, when that gets full it will use the ram then the hard disk to constantly pass information back and forth.

                The Processor is like the brain for doing maths equations, the higher speed the processor the faster the pc can number crunch. For gaming the pc should have its own dedicated graphics card which will also have its own fast memory like ram which will work with the processor to render the game play at a faster and smoother rate.

                Pretty much all new spec pc's will do a good job for you in playing your games, and it will say on the back of the game the spec pc required. When you spend more money on a higher spec pc, you are shaving fractions of a second off the speed the computer can render the games images.

                Toms hardware cafe is the best place to have a look at the difference between pc configurations and games speed.


                Hope it helps and I havent lost you.


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                  nothing constructive but glad to see others in same boat!!

                  sorry not constructive as know nothing about PCs but just wanted to say how pleased I am that I am not the only one whose hubby is into world of warcraft whilst I am left a gaming widow!! I have to wait til he goes to bed in evening to look at the forum and weekends are a wash out computer wise lol!
                  sorry just wanted to get that off my chest, hope you find the computer you are looking for!