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  • What do you call yours......

    Just a bit of daftness ..... Do you have a name for your car and if you do what do you call it?

    Ours is called "Ernie" and he is a zafira but he is poorly at the moment and has got to go to the car hospital tommorrow....

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    I've never thought to give a name to my car, although depending on how it is behaving it may have some choice names! Saying that and touch wood, my little car has never let me down, so perhaps I should call it a little angel.

    The number plate does end on ELV which I picked because it was the only number plate on the list that I could relate to, reminded me of elves and I have two of them!!!
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      It depends whether or not it starts in the morning then its name would be unprintable, something along the lines of a vehicle with no parents, other than that, no, its just "The car".
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        These are the before and after photos of my lovely little figaro, from grey to gold, so guess what she's called? Goldie!! Also after Goldie Hawn because I think she's pretty too

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          I used to have a white colt - banger - but loved it! It had one gold wing mirror, where people before us had replaced it as obviously couldn't find white!!

          I called it Goldeneye!

          Loved it, but had to part exchange it for a family car - they CRUSHED it! I was gutted and heavily pregnant so cried for an hour

          New car has no character and hence no name!


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            I have a Fiesta so i named my car Fi... orgiginal i know! My previous car was a Peugeot and that was named Pheobe. Ive always picked girls names - not sure why.


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              Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! And if it doesn't start it's a pain the ar################################!


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                My first car was a custom mini called the Black Widow because it was black with silver spider webs painted on.

                My second car was a custom mini called 'Min' because we couldn't agree on a name.

                My third car, which I've still got, is a Mini van called Henry. This was because I still had Min at the time and those people who know the Goon Show know about the old couple Min and Henry.

                My fourth car was a Micra which got a name that's not polite in public because it lasted 10 months and ate 2 gear boxes.

                The car I have now is a Rover called Morgwin.

                Sorry for the list but you did ask.


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                  Bertha. She is huge and a bit of a banger.

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                    Originally posted by Lord farquhar View Post
                    Bertha. She is huge and a bit of a banger.
                    Loved that!!!!


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                      My mum used to lend me her Renault 5 which got called Rodders (Rodney the rattly Renault).. and at the time I had a Citroen BX called Cydney (Cydney Citroen)..

                      I now have an Alfa 156 though it is "off the road".. which was called Alf and has the registration G 4 LFA.. though what it became was "unprintable" too!


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                        I have a land rover called dougal My other car doesnt have a name..


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                          I haven't named my car ,but have named both my sons cars.
                          They are called PENNY car and POLLY panda.
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                            I've always named my cars, but given them boys' names.

                            My current car is a Fiat 500, so he's called Mario, a fiesty little Italian with lots of character
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                              My 2nd baby is Gordy the Beetle (my daughter being my 1st!).

                              I ahve had him 18 mths and still love him, even though he has cost me a small fortune!
                              The name Gordy is shortened from Gordon and his numberplate reads JYN (says GIN) - ie Gordon's Gin! I know it's a stretch to get to that one.