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This Life - Tonight!!!!

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  • This Life - Tonight!!!!

    OK so maybe I'm still stuck in the 90's but I really can't wait until tonight when the new one-off This Life special is on. Haven't been that fussed about the xmas telly but this is my one must-see just have to know what's happened to all of them, if Egg and Milly made up and whether Miles and Anna ever did get together...

    ...yes I know it's not real...

    ...and yes I know I'm sad for getting this excited about it

    Anyone else gonna be watching it?
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    Probably(if I can stay awake, was in bed by 8pm last night to make up for many late nights).

    I started to watch This Life when Ramone Tikarum joined(I think he is quite dishy)and started to like the other characters too.
    So, yep, it would be nice to see the outcome.
    I saw a pic of one of the actors in it(cant recall his name but he was in Pirates of the Carribean)and he had long hair!!Looked very odd.

    Cant believe its been 10 years!!!

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      I've recorded it so no plot spoilers etc please! I love This Life and can't wait to see it so Natty you are not sad - or if you are then I am too!! Mind you I get excited about chicken doorstops so.........
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        I taped it too, hopefully il watch it tonight while celeb BB starts so I wont get addicted to that agian!!

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          I was really looking forward to this was very disappointing! It didn't give us any update on what had happened to them between then and now. We just had to guess.
          What a waste of time!
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