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  • Moving tips!

    Big week here in Craft Party land! We are moving the business and the home from Worcestershire to Wales. I got the packing boxes this morning so I have to get on with it! It'll be worth it once we get there I'm sure.
    Anyone got any superdooper moving tips?
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    Once your in your new home get the bedrooms sorted first.
    If its midnight and your kitchen is all done, that may give you a great feeling of accomplishment but not when all you want to do is sleep.

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      label all your boxes

      when we moved in September i labelled every box with what was in it and which room it was going in the new house, then you can just put them stright into that room

      and getting the beds sorted first is definalty a must

      and pack your brewing up stuff like kettle, mugs and stuff in a sperate box and put it in your car, not the removal van, that way you can make a drink when you get there

      when we moved it was a 9 hour tip so it was nice to have a coffee before we unpacked

      my boyfriend raced up the moterway with one of the dogs and the TV (his most prized gadget) in the back of the car only to get here 3 hours before anyone else to find there was no TV ariel, lol


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        I would second the kettle etc in a different box and in your car. If you have an inflatable mattress too then that can come in handy if you get too tired to put the beds together - if not then a duvet on the floor works just as well! Also pack the things you might need over the first few days in a separate box - it's so frustrating to find that you need the toolbox etc only to find that it packed in a box somewhere!! Also start packing up as soon as you can - it took us 8 hours to physically move the boxes etc out of our flat and we didn't leave it until 10pm having told the new owners that we would be out by 6!
        Good luck with the move
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