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  • How to earn £6500000!

    You have to laugh at some of the junk mails.. I got this today:

    " In order to transfer out £26,000,000.00 (Twenty Six Million Pounds Sterling) After going through some old files, I discovered that if i do not Remit this money out urgently. It will be forfeited for nothing.Please respond immediately I will use my position and influence to effect the legal approval and onward transfer of this fund into your account with appropriate clearance from foreign payment department. You will stand to get 25% And 75% will be for me. "

    (if only it were so easy..LOL)

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    To be honest, I'd rather get things like that (although I wouldn't fall for them) than adverts to enlarge my "manhood"..... erm, did they miss the smallprint where it says I'm female.
    I think they need to read the manual about reaching their target audience a little bit more!
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      Hmmm.. similar problem here with breast enhancement.. either they didnt notice im not the type, or "moobs" are suddenly this seasons "must have"!!


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        I got this one lately

        Hello friend,

        My name is Senator Udo Udoma.

        I want to discuss possible private business participation with you for our mutual benefit. This transaction will
        accord us much time to know each other better and a possible joint business investment in any viable venture you may

        Please get back to me for full detail if you are interested to hear from me. Note that this bluewin account is
        expiring today, so let me hear from you as soon as you receive this message only via this e-mail: Mod edited address.

        Senator Udoma.

        a bit more interesting than the ones trying to flog me Viagara
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          I actually got an email that was useful for a change.

          If you receive junk mail with a reply envelope in it, stick everything in the envelope and send it back to them (they're paying the postage), this also applies to those annoying applications for credits cards etc that you don't want. After some time you should stop getting this mail.

          If you receive junk phone calls, just say "hold on a moment" and put the phone to one side until you hear the beep, beep that tells you they hungup.

          If you get those annoying phone calls where there is no-one there, hit the # key repeatedly as fast as you can. This is a computer generated call which is working out the best time for a salesperson to call you, hitting the # key will confuse the computer and it is supposed to wipe you from their system.

          I haven't yet tried this out, but I will do!!!!
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            I knew it would have nothing to do with working in science!
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              Most of these originate from offices around the world's cities, and a lot of the people writing them have never seen a map of Africa, let alone lived there! Lots of organised crime outlets too.


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                Anyone wanting to see a priceless example of '****baiting' should read the Powerbook Prank - great example of getting one over on the ****mers.

                Google 'the powerbook prank' - but be warned there is some rather ripe language in parts, but it's a very funny story!
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                  Despite signing up to opt out of marketing calls, I still get them.

                  The ones I love (when I have time) are the ones that start
                  "Good Morning Mrs Weiss, how are you today?"

                  I thank them for enquiring and then rabbit on for ages about how I am, I actually timed one for 20mins, poor guy, wondered what had hit him.
                  Or I turn it on them and ask how they are, one girl ended up crying because her boyfriend had just dumped her! Never did find out what they were trying to sell me!

                  I don't mind getting junk mail - I shred it and use it for packaging for my orders, or stick it in the envelope and post back to them. But it does keep people in work - someone has to design/print it etc.

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                    Marketing calls are fair game for a wind up.

                    I once had a Double Glazing firm on the phone for 15 minutes, showing real interest in their offer of cut price windows - I was very enthusiastic, let them know it sounded great, got the salesperson all keen, then gave the killer line..............

                    " all sounds great - can you post me some details and I'll pass it on to the landlord."

                    Another got the same treatment - all keen until I told them I lived in a basement flat and I only have a 12" x 8" window!

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                    Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistant one.
                    - A. Einstein

                    Hand crafted Driftwood gifts and homewares from North Devon