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  • How Wonderful!!!

    Just thought I'd post a feel good post as the weather is so glorious and sunny....and warm that I think Spring is finally here

    I hung out my washing yesterday for the first time this year and it dried - can't beat that smell of line dried jumpers Driving into work today I noticed just how yellow and bright the daffadils are alongside the roads and getting into Clare I noticed the vast swathes of crocuses dotted amongst the grass And today every single person who has come into the shop has been happy and smiling...and they've all been free of the shackles that are winter coats. It's amazing how much the sunshine and warmth can affect our moods
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    Two votes for that! Note warm enough to make me shed my coat, but so lovely to see the flowers starting to come out.
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      It was nice and sunny here - but now its clouded over. I don't expect the sun will be out again today where I am!
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        I couldn't agree more.

        Clacton is the same, crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops everywhere, the colour really does brighten everything up. The sun is out, people are out (and they are smiling).

        I washed and dried clothes yesterday too, a real novelty for me as it's the first time I've had a garden in nearly seven years. It's so lovely, I'm getting nothing done as I keep going out into the garden just to listen and look at nature!!!!!!

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          I agree its so lovely

          Your right everyone seems to be in a better frame of mind when the sun is shining, and I actually dont mind ironing when the fresh air comes back at you with the steam of the iron.


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            Spring is definitely in the air... everyone seems much happier and more positive.

            Being outdoors is just fab!! We're off down to the local park today for the third day in a row

            And the washing is out on the line... what more could we ask for?


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              And even up here in Sunny Glasgow - I can say it is sunny Glasgow it is lovely. The weather forecast is meant to be good right up to Sunday so yippee!!!!



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                I've been in the garden with just a t-shirt on. It's glorious here too!
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                  ERRRRMMMM, are we in the same country?????

                  I have just come in from a freezing/windy Farmers Market in Nottingham.
                  We were all chilled to the bone!
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                    Nice "oop here" int'northwest too! had all the doors and windows open for a couple of hours, dried some laundry outdoors for a change, and been out and about in jeans and T shirt too, though it got a bit nippy about 3.30...

                    Not many daffs and crocuses out up here yet though.. always a few weeks behind the southerners


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                      Spoke too soon. Very overcast now, fog coming in off the sea, damp drizzle in the air and a freezing wind.

                      Windows now firmly closed and a jumper on (and the heating)

                      oh well, there's always tomorrow!!!
                      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars