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Friday 13th

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  • Friday 13th

    Are you superstitious?

    I live at No 13, many people thought we were mad when we moved in 26 years ago, not done me too much harm.

    I always touch wood though, usually my head

    What do you do/not do

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    I was born on a 13th so Ive had a couple of friday the 13th birthdays.Its the one thing Im not superstitious about.In fact i love the number 13
    I will touch woo/head if I see a magpie or think of something awful.Il avoid walking under ladders.

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      Ha ha I am not superstitious at all. Its a whole lot of bunkum. I once looked up where they come from and it was hilarious that folk still have these hang ups. Hubby is a slave to it. I hate it when he is throwing salt around. Duno about in the devils eye, but if he gets mine he WILL be unlucky ha ha!! xxx

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        Have to agree, some of them have very funny origins - I will not walk under a ladder - common sense really, silly workman up there may drop his hammer on my head.

        I would never do washing on New Year's Day - not because I may wash someone out of the family - more because I am getting over New Year's Eve!

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          It's my hubby's birthday today, but no, I'm not superstitious at all. He is though!
          Gail x

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            I used to avoid stepping on the cracks in pavements, or walking over 3 drains! but i think its all a bit silly now!


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              I am not superstitious but today has been unlucky for these guys.....
              as some of you may know I caught a fox to let it get treatment - well I saw another one in bad state so asked to keep the trap a while longer.
              Not a thing in it until today when the neighbours cat and a wood pigeon got themselves trapped - although not together

              oh and my cat fell down the stairs but that's cos he races round like a lunatic
              Terry xxx
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                I don't usually worry too much about a Friday 13th, usually do the 'oooh it's friday 13th' ghosty sound but that's it, but today was not good when my friend txted me earlier to say her son is very ill. I walk around ladders, chuck the salt if I spill it, wait for people to come down steps so as not to pass on stairs, my mil has bought me a few bags over the years and always puts a coin in it. They used to have a couple of peacocks but never had any feathers in the house and then last year when dad in law was cutting down some of our trees he said something about not taking a particular one into our house (we've got a woodburner so I was a bit miffed at losing the wood!), can't remember what type of tree it was now. I'm sure there are loads more but can't think of them at the mo.
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                  I grew up at number 13 too!And my parents are still there, not been too bothered about it, but just got back from work though and had a poo day

                  Role on that dream of my own business.....x
                  Dee x
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                    My birthday is the 13th so the number doesnt bother me, I have a black cat so that doesnt bother me, I use very little salt so same there, I sometimes touch wood, other times I don't. I don't walk under ladders-same as above-silly workmen! I don't like peacocks so no worries on their feathers, Ive heard the one about the wood in the house, can't remember the tree though.

                    However, I always salute a lone magpie, no idea why this superstition sticks with me though
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                      I touch wood, but chipboard or MDF will do. I'm not keen on magpies cos I hear they terrorise baby birds. I don't walk under ladders cos of that personal injuries at work advert. My birthday is on the 13th, it only bothers me slightly when it falls on a Friday cos it makes me think of the templar knight chappie being mistreated.

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                        It was my birthday on the 13th March so I consider it lucky for me. I usually wear a 13 on a necklace but this years birthday wasn't very good in some ways. We were up at 3am to catch a flight at 6 am to go on holiday to Spain where we are now. The weather here is gorgeous & warm & sunny but we were so worn out when we arrived on Friday it was a bit of a whitewash, not going to complain too much really though as we've seen the weather forecast for home, cold, brrr. Hope everyone is fit & well now & over the Friday 13th thing until the next one.
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                          I've never been fussed about Friday the 13th...but this year, we had a fine for driving in a bus lane arrive on Friday the 13th! (It was the 1st time we had driven in London, ever, there were roadworks, it was totally unclear, and it looked like a left turn lane!) Hows that for luck! we're appealing it, but thought you could have a giggle at that!

                          I do touch wood, but usually make a point of it being someones head rather than actual wood!
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                            I guess I am "stuperstitious" I say "touch wood" but don't always do it.. I don't walk under ladders but more from common sense than fear! I always say hello to Mr magpie.. but not "Hello Mr Magpie, and how are your wife and children today" that my mother grew up with.. and the other one I can think of is I don't pass on the stairs at home.. but I think thats 1% the superstition, and 99% have a little time to be courteous to others.. it certainly doesnt bother me passing folk on big wide stairways in public places for example..

                            Oh, and Magpies are my favorite bird, I had almost never seen one until about 8 years ago, and now I see lots.. I like their chattering call as well as the glossy irridescent feathers.