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  • Jeremy Paxmans Victorians

    Ive really enjoyed this Victorian series.Ive always been a Victorian gal but watching the programmes has confirmed it even more.I was even surprised that a knew a few of the artists and paintings without even knowing they were by Victorian artists!
    I was very glad to see there is a book to accompany it.

    Anybody else watched and enjoyed this series?

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    Yes I have watched and loved it! So informative and I was like you shocked with how much info I had retained over the years, so many revouloutionary artists from the era!


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      Yes, we watched it too.. and saw some of "our" pictures (sadly prints not originals!) in the program last night!

      Did annoy me that the "What did the victorians do for us" which was also on the other week repeated so much of the material - bad planning for the BBC to show them both at the same time.. it is the third time in2 months I have seen stuff about the Bazalgette Sewers!! and the pumping house!!


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        I like a nice bit of Bazelgette.I even remember that they used Portland cement in the sewers.Funnily enough I wanted to watch something else so switched over just as Jeremy was going down the drains(so to speak).
        There is definately a Victorian feel in the air with alot of programmes on all at once.

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          My husband hated it ((the pictures0 (soppy and sentimental) and I loved it (rich and decorative). We met at Art College so both had a good dose of Art History injected into us. I was pleasantly surprised to see some artists I'd never heard of. I think if I'd been born then I'd revel in the Victorian clutter but have a hankering to run off to join the Arts and Crafts movement..........
          Annie Anna