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  • here's a bit of fun ......

    write 20 random facts about yourself: (ps. I nicked this idea off another coughxforumxcough....

    here are mine:

    Here's my facts.

    1. I've been happily married for nearly 18 years.
    2. I used to be a nurse.
    3. other than the job I am currently doing (tiara and jewellery designing) my ideal job would be a mortuary technitian.
    4. I love singing.
    5. My mum dropped me at 7 months and broke my leg.
    6. I don't know my left and right.
    7. I have three children age 17, 15 and 9.
    8. I love painting
    9. I am a professionally qualified interior designer
    10. I love gardening and have dug up loads of my garden to grow vegetables and fruit.
    11. I am allergic to oily fish! and fish oil.
    12. I live in a creative mess!
    13. I am scared of heights
    14. I love beach combing for bits of glasss and driftwood
    15. I love fossil hunting
    16. When I got married, the internet barely existed!
    17. I have had jewellery articles published.
    18. I have sung in a quartet at the royal Albert Hall
    19. I have nursed 4 famous soap stars (can't say who or why!)
    20. my favourite song is You raise me up.
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    Nice idea!

    1 I was born in the oldest Inland city in Australia
    2 My husband is 18 years older than I am
    3 I have won medals for my Taekwon Do sparring
    4 My phone ringtone is a song written by my son
    5 I have 4 step-kids 21, 15, 14, 9
    6 I take singing lessons
    7 I like to paint Warhammer minatures, but not play with them
    8 I used to work in Real Estate
    9 My dream job would be working in the reptile house at any zoo
    10 I am going to learn German this year
    11 I appear in a belly dancing video
    12 My father-in-law (deceased) is famous
    13 My brother sometimes looks better in a dress than I do!
    14 I love to cook, but I hate coriander
    15 I have seen the Pyramids twice.
    16 I have a photo album of ‘artistic nudes’
    17 I have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    18 I did my teenage ‘work experience’ at Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney
    19 I love chickens!
    20 I am friends with someone who works for Aardman.
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      Here we go!
      1. I'm left handed.
      2. I hate roses.
      3. I used to live in Saudi.
      4. I visited the Desert Rats on the Kuwaiti border during the first gulf war.
      5. I have driven an Army Personnel Carrier.
      6. I have my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards.
      7. I don't like the feel of chalk.
      8. I love gardening.
      9. I hate making cups of tea.
      10. I am terrified of being left out.
      11. I can only speak English.
      12. I love roller skating.
      13. I never put the milk bottles out.
      14. I am a non-starter when it comes to maths.
      15. I fall asleep after reading one page of my book.
      16. I am distracted easily.
      17. I pick my fingers.
      18. I hate being late.
      19. I love five star holidays in Mexico.
      20. I never wash my car.

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        ok, prepare to be bored!

        1.I hate holidaying abroad
        2.I love Great Yarmouth
        3.I am addicted to the internet
        4.I can be quite lazy sometimes
        5.I hate people that lie
        6.I am an avon representative
        7.I have been happily married for 6 months
        8.I love my mum shes my best friend
        9.I have a cat (my baby) called Missy
        10.I often lack confidence and self worth
        11.I am constantly dieting
        12.I am a soap fan
        13.I love horror films
        14.I regret a lot of choices made in the past
        15.I love sleeping
        16.I love children
        17.I love things that are pink and sparkly!
        18.Love is very important to me
        19.I never prejudge people
        20.I am useless at making lists!!!

        Nat x


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          Hmmm 20 is a lot, here goes...

          1, I've been married for 5 years and we've been together for 10.
          2, I get fidgetty doing nothing
          3, I love my sleep
          4, I've never had a pet...but we're getting a cat soon
          5, Hubby says I'm addicted to the internet
          6, I'm a professionally qualified Careers Adviser
          7, I got married in Sri Lanka
          8, I don't like watching films
          9, I'm a massive Smiths fan and love Morrissey
          10, I get stressed very easily
          11, I prefer the company of males
          12, I'm a fully qualified gymnastics coach
          13, I'm shy but like talking to people
          14, I support Ipswich town fc but rarely go to games anymore
          15, I've ridden an elephant and a camel but not a horse
          16, I love the sun and tan easily (but safely kids )
          17, I get itchy feet and have to try new things/places/jobs
          18, But I don't like taking risks
          19, I don't watch much telly but have to watch Neighbours and Family Guy
          20, I should be busy doing a stock-take instead of this list!
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            20 facts about me . . .

            1. I was once presented a prize by Richard Whitely after winning a competition at our local library.
            2. I celebrate my 27th birthday every year.
            3. I got married on the 13th anniversary of my 27th birthday (work that one out)
            4. I have 4 brothers and one sister.
            5. I can't remember the last time I tidied my bedroom.
            6. I am a fully qualified secretary.
            7. I have smelly feet so I don't wear slippers
            8. I love silly socks
            9. I always have a vase of fresh flowers in the house.
            10. I'm hopeless at styling my own hair but can do anyone elses.
            11. I hate feet.
            12. I love purple.
            13. I go dizzy on escalators.
            14. I enjoy cooking but don't do it often enough.
            15. I'm an habitual hoarder.
            16. I am addicted to mind-numbing PC games that others find totally boring.
            17. I proposed to my hubby after only 6 weeks.
            18. I am an insomniac and rarely sleep more than 3 hours a day.
            19. I plan to be a gypsy when I grow up.
            20. I gave birth without any pain relief.

            Gawd that was hard!

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              1 My family have lived in Barnsley since at least 1763
              2 I was "exiled" to Morecambe in Lancashire 1966 - 1972
              3 I have 2 degrees (BA Hons and MSc)
              4 I am the biggest wuss I know and don't do ANY fairground type things but I am good at watching the handbags , pushchairs etc
              5 I don't buy any ready meals and cook almost everything from scratch (but I do buy frozen puff pastry)
              6 I learned to knit when I was 5 and have been crafting in some shape or form ever since
              7 I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher
              8 I also used to teach English but my typing skills are appalling!
              9 I can't swim
              10 but i can write with my feet!
              11 Talking of feet my big toe is not my biggest - the one next to it is
              12 I was born with 2 teeth, cut my last tooth at 40 and have a feeling there is another waiting to cut through
              13 I know lots of songs but only one note so I don't do Karaoke
              14 I once had a lovely conversation with a lady on a train who was going to see her son who lived in Sheffield- right at the end of the journey I asked her what her son did for a living and she got all embarassed and had to confess I would know him - she was Emilyn Hughes mum (Bless em both xx)
              15 My mam passed 2 weeks before my 4th birthday and I have spoken to her very day since so I suppose I have been a medium for 50 years
              16 I have 2 kids, 5 grandkids, a lovely partner and some amazing friends and consider myself privileged to have so may wonderful people in my life
              17 I used to have a leg (still have it tho lol) which was an inch short and had to wear horrible built up shoe but it miraculously grew one night
              18 I am a charity shop queen
              19 I hate other kinds of shopping though..
              20 and now I am going out for dinner with my man
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                Ouch this hurts!!

                1. I have a funny laugh.
                2. I love reading
                3. My favourite song is "the wheels on the bus!!!!" ..
                4. My husband looks like Sting.
                5. My daughters look like female stings...
                6. I am looking forward to Damages 2nd series starting tonight.
                7. I too dont change my socks
                8. I make small chairs out of pegs.
                9. My used to keep hens.
                10. My Pekeingese died 4 years ago today....
                11. I need a haircut
                12. I need a holiday
                13. I love painting.
                14. I too am a trained secretary.
                15. I support Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.
                16. I love swimming.
                17. I dont want to go and make dinner tonight.
                18. I dont want to do the ironing.
                19. I had every pain relief going when I had my kids.
                20. I love Sting.


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                  oooh I don't know if I can think of 20 but here goes...

                  1. I'm left handed too
                  2. I've dyed my hair most colours at some point, at the moments it's dark brown
                  3. I have met Keith Chegwin and he held my hand (he has sweaty hands yuk!!)
                  4. I have been part of a Guiness World Record with the aforementioned sweaty handed one
                  5. I am really intolerant of people who expect things to be handed to them on a plate
                  6. I'm quite a girly girl but...
                  7. I'm comfortable with stripping and rebuilding cars
                  8. I know more about cars than a lot of men that I know
                  9. I'm a pretty good shot with a rifle and not too shabby with a 12 bore either
                  10. I was rejected for a women only race series for being too much of an agressive driver!!
                  11. I HATE cruelty to animals
                  12. I can't watch animal rescue programmes without crying
                  13. I'm a secret country music fan
                  14. I once did a triathlon, and came last by a very long way
                  15. I do a 5km swim for charity every year
                  16. I broke my back when I was 15 and didn't know about it for 2 months
                  17. I don't really like internet forums except this one
                  18. I call my OH my husband even though we're not married
                  19. I can come across as loud and sometimes overconfident but I'm actually quite shy and don't make friends easily.
                  20. I'm having pork chops for tea tonight
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                    Okay, so 20 random facts....

                    1. I like jelly squirms.
                    2. I enjoy writing a diary on holiday.
                    3. I tap dance.
                    4. I have never kept a pet dog.
                    5. I have only ridden a horse once.
                    6. Fridays are my favourite day.
                    7. I like to watch Masterchef.
                    8. I like travelling.
                    9. I wouldn't mind a new job.
                    10. I have never dyed my hair.
                    11. I once met Mr Blobby. He stinks of rubber.
                    12. I have been to 4 universities (for study and work).
                    13. I have a grade 8 pass on the clarinet.
                    14. I am an accredited member of the quilling guild.
                    15. I haven't seen any James Bond movie from start to finish.
                    16. I am half Welsh.
                    17. I have watched tigers in the wild.
                    18. I am going to be a mum.
                    19. I really want to go to the Galapogas Islands.
                    20. I have too many sheep in my house.
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                      ok 20 (gawd)

                      1. I am divorced and happily so
                      2. I have two children
                      3. I have never had a labour pain in my life!!!
                      4. I often used to dye my hair outrageous colours. (pink/purple/jade)
                      5. I am a qualified senior legal PA/secretary
                      6. I have letters after my name but never use them.
                      7. I hate ironing.
                      8. I have never been on a plane but I have been in a helicopter
                      9. I have been crafting for over 25 years
                      10. I can wire a plug/change a fuse and decorate
                      11. I don't like the internet
                      12. I have two cats but used to have 7
                      13. I don't really like cats and prefer dogs!
                      14. I love to cook and bake
                      15. I love reading horror stories (especially about vampires)
                      16. My perfect job would be a forensic pathologist
                      17. I passed my driving test on Valentines Day 1986
                      18. I live at the seaside and love listening to the waves
                      19. I have tried every craft imaginable but love mosaicing best
                      20. I wish I was a size 14 (again)
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                        Here we go...

                        1) I have been with my hubbie for 10 years, married for 3
                        2) We have 2 cute and very cheeky children (Age 4 and 3)
                        3) I am a stay at home mum - like it sometimes, dont like it sometimes!
                        4) I am a self employed book-keeper and jewellery maker
                        5) I love Desperate Housewives and can't wait for the next series!
                        6) I have a first class BA hons in Business & Finance
                        7) I used to work on Fleet Street before I got pregnant
                        8) My hubbie is a scotsman, 16 years older than me
                        9) I love watching cooking programmes with my hubbie as he gets inspired and cooks something yummy! I hate cooking!
                        10) I can't watch the news, it brings me to tears!
                        11) I am doing jury service next week!!!!
                        12) I have plenty of gold medals for judo from when i was a teenager
                        13) My lucky number is 13: both kids born on 13th, 13 months apart, 13 days overdue. Daughter born on Friday 13th naturally 1 minute before i was booked in for a c section!! Won at a casino night with number 13 aswell.
                        14) I love a glass of red wine at night
                        15) Friday nights is our take-away night
                        16) I went to Gordon Ramsays restaurant for my birthday this year
                        17) I went to Raymond Blancs restaurant for my birthday last year - my hubbie has a theme!!
                        18) I love the waltzers!!!
                        19) I love teaching my kids new things
                        20) I am a bit wacky.

                        That took me ages to do
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                          Wow, this thread has been quite enlightening!

                          um here goes:
                          1. I was born in Austria and that is the only phrase I can say in German
                          2. I'm so messy you currently have to climb over 2m high boxes to get into my craft room!
                          3. I have walked over 1000 miles across France and Spain
                          4. I can't cook but I can sew
                          5. I spent 6 years making computer games
                          6. I'm partially deaf and have to lipread without my hearing aid
                          7. I'm addicted to hospital dramas on telly: Casulty, ER etc etc
                          8. I have a degree in architecture and a masters in computer animation
                          9. I once rollerbladed along behind a huge black male bear for several km in the canadian rockies without getting eaten
                          10. I'm a vegetarian and meat makes me sick (literally - all over the place!)
                          11. I passed the eleven plus and went to grammar school (only briefly!)
                          12. I'm terrified of cats, it's their big scary claws and the way they look at you...
                          13. The longest I've lived in any one place in the past 13 years is 13 months
                          14. If it was up to me I would live on cheese and chocolate for the rest of my life!
                          15. I live in Newcastle but have absolutely no interest in football (ssshh! - don't tell anyone!)
                          16. I have only one pair of shoes (and they're falling apart!)
                          17. I used to keep catapillars as pets as a kid but they always turned in butterflies and flew away
                          18. I love old buildings
                          19. I could sit and watch the sea forever
                          20. I once slept in for a trip and had to fly to rome in my pajamas


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                            Uhm... okays... lets try this.

                            1. My man lives in another country.

                            2. I dye my hair black (with a couple of chunks of purple/red thrown in for good measure) even though it's naturally very dark brown.

                            3. I love the highlands and islands of Scotland.

                            4. I love Ireland.

                            5. I've seen a cat give birth.

                            6. I've helped a sheep give birth.

                            7. I used to follow a band on tour. (yes, I was a groupie in my youth, lol)

                            8. I occasionally do digital art.

                            9. I occasionally do digital art that contains nudity.

                            10. I love chips.

                            11. I love fooooooooooooooooooooood.

                            12. I love Supernatural on telly.

                            13. I'm a qualified secretary (but hated it).

                            14. I'm addicted to pot noodles at the moment.

                            15. I love Rocky Horror!

                            16. I, too, am a non starter when it comes to maths.

                            17. I'm extremely short sighted, but rarely wear my glasses (aka Mr Magoo, lol)

                            18. My parents are in their 70's (I'm 35) and I stay at home with them for various reasons.

                            19. I have relatives in America.

                            20. I'm just a tad weird.

                            And do you know what? I could probably write a lot more too! LOL.

                            Rach x

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                              wow theres lots to do sooo erm...... lets see.

                              1) At 5 foot 8 inches I'm the smallest in my family. OH is 6'5" oldest son topping 6'9, youngest not quite 6'.
                              2) I passed my driving test first time when I was 18.
                              3) I've lived in the same house since I got hitched. 27 years now
                              4) I used to have 2 cats, now got none, but would have another tomorrow.
                              5) My left leg is shorter than my right by 1/2 inch which doesn't show.
                              6) I burned my hand when I was 4
                              7) I dye my hair every 6 weeks, usually the same colour.
                              8) I luv my job. working for the council.
                              9) I am self employed for my jewellery
                              10) I once set fire to my cooker..... house was ok tho.
                              11) I have never crashed my car or been in a car crash.
                              12) I take the train to work.
                              13) I have had numerous minor ops for cysts.
                              14) I met my husband on a blind date.
                              15) At 46 I am still a trainee... only became a trainee at 45.
                              16) I was bitten by a dog on a lead when I was 8. Hate dogs...
                              17) I recon. and support Wheatfields (cancer charity) sponsored walk every year. By the time the sponsored walk happens (18 miles, 11 miles and 6 miles) I have walked around 100 miles, walking, writing the route rewalking etc. then follow some round so peeps dont get lost. raised over £28,000 last year.
                              18) I have 2 tattoos, which my mum doesn't know about....
                              19) I believe in ghosts.
                              20) My dad is a methodist minister. (I'm the black sheep)

                              Yupe everyone is right. that is a toughee......
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