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  • Sad times

    Hello all,

    I Havent been around much the last few weeks, as my best friend has been very ill with cancer......she sadly passed away at the weekend after a long painful battle.

    Although these are sad times for me I also want to celebrate her life in some way, I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas that they could pass on. I want to be creative in some way as she knew me for being this....I feel very numb at the moment so have a block, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance


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    I am sorry to hear of your loss.
    When my friend passed away many years ago aged 30, I asked her husband for a cutting from some of her favourite plants from their garden - I planted them in a corner of my garden which became known as "Elsie's Corner" - now the Winter Jasmine is in flower, It reminds me of her and the fun we had taking our young sons to school - sharing ideas - making home brew etc.

    I get great comfort from this section of the garden.

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      That is so sad, but good that you choose to celebrate her life rather than mourn her passing. I hope you find the help you seek from your friends. Hugs...x
      Gail x

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        Thanks gail and Jane.....i really like the idea of planting some flowers think i may get some snowdrops as these were her favourite thanksx


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          Very sad kazzells, I'm sorry for your loss and I think greannancrafts's idea is lovely.


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            Oh Kaz, I'm so sorry, I was wondering how things were, what a sad time for you all.

            Jane's idea is a lovely and ongoing way to remember your dear friend, another idea is to make a memory book which would be a way to use your crafting.

            Take care of yourself & thinking of you

            Jan xx
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              Thinking of you

              I agree either of those ideas is a loverly. I was thinking of a memory book to.

              Take care

              Sara x


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                Hi Kazzells, my thoughts go out to you - I lost my mum to cancer two years ago and remember that numb feeling very well. Planting something for them is a great way to remember them and helps keep their memories fresh and alive as it establishes and blooms each year. We planted a tree for my mum and it gives us somewhere to go, sit quietly, remember her and admire 'her' view now.

                Keep strong and take each day at a time x

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                  I'm so so sorry for your loss, I lost my mum to cancer a few months ago and I'm still trying to get my head around it.

                  What about a scrapbook of all her favourite things, places, food, flowers etc. You could dedicate a page to each thing, and pages of all her friends and family.

                  Or you could keep a memory box of tickets from days out, perfume, jewellery, photos, postcards, poems.

                  You could have a plaque made and put it somewhere she loved to go.

                  We have been talking about getting a bench made in memory of my mum and having it put at Ogden Water near our house so that we can go and sit on it whenever we want.
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                    I am truly sorry for your loss, my thoughts go out to you at this sad time!

                    Planting something in your garden sounds a wonderful idea, it may also be nice to get some photo's together and make a collage that you could perhaps hang in your kitchen, it could be photo's of all the happy times you shared together!

                    Mandy x


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                      Kaz sending you reiki hugs xx I love the idea of snowdrops,especially as they are in season now and will be timely reminders of your wonderful friendship
                      Chris xx
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                        Thinking along the same lines as the flowers, could you make or buy a wooden planter and paint, pyro her name on a plaque and put that on the side. I notice you have a white rose on your profile page...perhaps find a rose of her name and with your snowdrops, helebores and her favourites you could then take it with you if you ever decide to move.
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                          thank you so much everyone your thoughts and kind words mean so much.....i think it is so nice to know that there are some truly lovely people out there ...thanks.

                          Iwill in time make a memory album along with planting some flowers in a special area..
                          Thanks again everyone you are all so kind


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                            Kaz I'm really sorry to hear about your friend passing away and my thoughts are with you and her loved ones.

                            I know I have added this to the forum before but I found it very healing when I lost my children

                            Death is nothing at all.
                            I have only slipped away into the next room.
                            I am I and you are you,
                            whatever we were to each other, that we still are.
                            Call me by my old familiar name,
                            Speak to me in the easy way which you always used.
                            Put no difference in your tone,
                            wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow,
                            laugh as we always laughed
                            at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
                            Pray smile, think of me, pray for me.
                            Let my name be ever the household word
                            that it always was.
                            Let it be spoken without effort,
                            without the trace of a shadow in it.
                            Life means all that it ever meant,
                            it is the same as it ever was.
                            There is unbroken continuity,
                            why should I be out of mind
                            because I am out of sight?
                            I am waiting for you
                            somewhere very near
                            just around the corner.
                            All is well.

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                              A beautiful poem.
                              Gail x

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