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Anyone know any toe exercises??

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  • Anyone know any toe exercises??

    Not as daft as it sounds! Finally went to the doctors today with my dodgy big toe, basically it dislocates at least 3 times a week which is getting beyond a joke and very painful when it happens! Anyway doctor says I need to see a sports therapist who will advise me of what exercises to do to strengthen it. I just can't afford to go to see a sports therapist right now as the money can be so much better spent elsewhere. Does anyone know if there are specific excerises that can be done with a big toe? I would have thought they were pretty limited being a toe!!! Selina

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    Urm - I am sitting here wriggling my toes trying very hard to think of what else I could do with them.

    Sorry not much help

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      How about pushing a tennis ball back and for with bare feet? You could roll it down to your toe and back?

      Or google toe exercises, something is bound to come up lol!


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        When my Mum had an operation for bunions the physiotherapist gave her excercises. Place a pencil on the floor and pick it up by gripping between the base of the toes and the ball of the foot. Five times three times a day.

        Hope this helps
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          Our middle son, Tom, has been referred to a consultant in the Podiatric department via our GP. Could you perhaps ask to be referred? Tom's had a few appointments and despite some exercises he's still having trouble and is now having some insoles made, but maybe they might help your condition? As he's doing PE and hopes to go on to do sports science then if these things don't work then I must admit I'd be tempted to find a 'proper' sports therapist. Don't you think it's annoying that footballers and other sports people have these amazing, almost miraculous recoveries from their injuries and us mere mortals have to plod along and suffer? No, rant over, you know what I mean, I know they pay for what they have done, I just wish perhaps whatever these experts are doing could be shared with the NHS somehow. I hope you find some help soon
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            Totally agree, I played netball last night and had to put it back in again at half time. A friends ex (IYSWIM) is a physio and she is going to take a look for me and see if she can recommend anything. I just know two things - I can't carry on like this and I can't afford £20 a week to see a sports therapist like someone else I know!! Selina


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              I bet Aunty Google knows...

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                A few here with some simple diagrams


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