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Another day in hell

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  • Another day in hell

    Having not made anything lately, i thought i would come online and look for inspiration. I then decided to do some networking and joined facebook. Now i dont seem to manage to go on any other sites other than facebook. Its really starting to annoy me but i kinda dont wanna delete myself from it. Just makes me wonder what i used to do with my time before on there.

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    Can't say I'm that into facebook, I am on there and have lots of friends on there, I have a look make a few comments and come off. I also play ,my farm on there. I find the forum far more interesting as it's more interactive.
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      Hi im on facebook too I found it very addictive to begin with, but im not as bad as I was.

      Glad it not just me finding it hard to get motivated to make stuff. I cant even get into the mood to cut out my decoupage. I normally find relaxing but for some reason Im not at the minute.

      Sara x


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        I find it addictive as well, but I do tend to use FB for catching up with friends who're rubbish at keeping in contact, as well as organising various events with my dancing. V handy way of doing this.

        I generally dip in and out of the various forums I'm on, rather than intending to use them as a way of meeting new friends. If that happens then that's great, but I like being able to chat and give opinions/get help while staying anonymous. Of course, if I decide to start getting more serious about my crafting, then I'd want to take a more active part & more networking role on the forums.

        I think it depends what you use the various sites for and what you get out of them.
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          Your Facebook addiction will wear off and you will get your inspiration (and life) back. Eventually. Well, a bit anyway