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  • Ebay subscriptions beware......

    I shut down my ebay shop months ago and had a sellers reports subscription that i forgot i had until this week. I am a member of another site and someone had made a post about being charged 3 pounds extra and couldnt work out why and a few of the members including myself posted that this was the case also. I hardly put anything on ebay now and had noticed an extra pounds on my sellers fees added on top of what i owed them in actual fees. Some one found out that the 3 pounds is for the sellers subscription fees which are charged at 3 pounds a month if you dont have a shop. As was the case a few of us had shut down our shops and never thought about the subscriptions, i checked today and cancelled the subscription. how sneaky of ebay, you'd think they would cancel the subscription once you shut your shop, think of all the extra money they have made through this, something to think of, and i hope it helps a few people.
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    Thanks for the warning-I have an ebay shop at the moment but not sure aabout keeping it up for much longer, seems to cost me more than I make. I'll see how it goes over the coming months, thanks for the advice though!!!

    Freja xx



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      Yes that happened to me too for about 3 months until i had realised what they were charging me for - v sneaky indeed
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