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  • No post for 3 days

    Hi all, not had post for 3 days, that's ok as I wouldn't want my postie Pete to hurt himself if he fell over, its just that I'm waiting for my Mr Site package & now would have been the perfect time to be playing with it as I haven't been able to work. I went out for a drive around today to see if I could take my afternoon lessons but as soon as you come off the main roads the side roads are like skating rinks, hence no work again today. Have been taking pictures of items ready for selling but don't think I can do anything else yet. Anyone back to normal now or have you still got lots of the white stuff like here in Guildford.
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    Have you tried contacting the sorting office to see whether it just hasn't arrived yet or whether your postie hasn't been able to deliver. If it's at the sorting office you could ask if you could collect it yourself.

    We haven't any snow here so we are all back to normal, not that much changed anyway. we only had a light sprinkling, although ice has been a bit dicey! They are forecasting more snow in this area but I won't hold my breath!
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