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  • What a day!

    Before I begin.....
    I'm sorry Peter but I have to rant otherwise my head will explode

    I woke up at 6am this morning, and decided that I would drive to work instead of walk, I knew it was gonna be a naff day when the ice scraper snapped in my hand and had to use my nails!

    I got to work just before half 7, I went in to find the place a mess, so found myself running around trying to tidy up!
    I finally finished at 6pm, and then I had to take my friend and get to Huddersfield for a course that we were on. It started at 6:30, so even without the snow we were pushed for time to get there. When we arrived the place was shut up and we were told by security that the courses had been cancelled, I was furious at this as we had rung at about 2pm to confirm that the course would still be running. Aparantly it was cancelled at 3:30 and nobody bothered to contact us!

    I said I'd drop my friend off home even though it was miles away. I got there and dropped her off, turned around to re-trace my steps and found that we had come down a one-way street so I couldn't go back that way. I couldn't call her as I don't have any credit.
    I drove round and round the housing estate for ages trying to find a way out, I was driving slowly because of the snow and ice, there was this man walking down the road and he suddenly walked out infront of the car, I slightly bumped him as I couldn't stop. He gave me a funny look and carried on walking, then he crossed back over the street and I very nearly hit him again, he kept doing this and it was terrifying, in the end I floored it regardless of the ice, I was scared he was going to try get in the car!
    It took me another ten minutes to find a way out of the maze of dead ends and one way streets, I even nearly drove over the top of a round-a-bout because it was disguised by snow, but thankfully I found the main road.

    It took me nearly half an hour to get home and my petrol light was on the whole time, I didn't dare stop at a station though, because I was still jittery from that creepy man!

    First thing I did when I got home was to jump in the shower, then I went and put the kettle on and make some toast (which i managed to burn 'cos I was writing this!).
    Then I'm gonna have lots and lots of alcohol 'cos I think I need it!

    Phew! Rant over! (sorry, gonna be positive now!)
    MISI -

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    That must have been so scary Louise, I can quite understand how you felt. I always drive with the car completely locked (with central locking) I never used to but my friend's husband is high up in the Fire Brigade and he told me as a woman driving on my own I should always drive with the car locked and windows up or only open slightly! He said I shouldn't worry if I was in an accident, the Brigade could get me out just as easily with the doors locked as unlocked.

    At least I know someone can't get in the car unless they smash the window and by which time my foot would be to the floor.

    Also how inconsiderate of the college, you should put a formal complaint in writing to them, and if I were you, ask for compensation for your wasted petrol. You might not get anywhere, but if you dont ask you wont get!

    Hope you're feeling a bit calmer now you're home. xxx
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      oh poor you, you have had an awful day. Pour yourself a large glass of something & relax for the rest of the evening.

      That chap does sound really odd, not surprised you were freaked out.
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        Yeah.............................but you gotta laugh haven't you?

        Sorry was pretty awful....................I promise I'll stop walking in front of you now.


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          That was you!!!!

          I should have put my foot down when I hit you! lol just kidding
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            Oh no! that sounds like one poo day. I hope you have a nice glass of wine in your hand now!!! Take care x
            Dee x
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              Heh heh, a glass of vodka and orange in one hand and a big bag of maltesers in the other.
              When the washer stops and I've put my uniform for tomorrow in the dryer then I'm gonna get in to bed and play on the computer. Bliss
              MISI -


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                You poor hun - you've had such a lousy day with one thing after another

                now go and get drunk!

                Originally posted by Moonbeam Angel View Post
                . . . .my friend's husband is high up in the Fire Brigade . . . .
                Would he be stood at the top of their biggest ladder then? Sorry but I couldn't resist.

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                  Just goes to prove. It's not the snow that causes most of the problems, it's the idiot people out in it.

                  So sorry about your unnecessary journey.

                  p.s. Just re read this and I was not implying that you were an idiot. Sorry. Referring to the pedestrian.
                  God helps them that help themselves.


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                    what a horrible day, sounds very worrying. Done now & home all safe & sound, enjoy the chocs & early to bed with the pc.
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                      Sorry to hear of your horrendous day and that very creepy man, it would've freaked me out too... glad you're safely home though and soon going to be cosy in bed with your vodka, chocolate and laptop


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                        Originally posted by Critchley View Post
                        Just goes to prove. It's not the snow that causes most of the problems, it's the idiot people out in it.

                        So sorry about your unnecessary journey.

                        p.s. Just re read this and I was not implying that you were an idiot. Sorry. Referring to the pedestrian.

                        Made me chuckle 'cos i knew what you meant
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                          Big Hugs to you, how awful. I hope you get a good night's sleep now and wake up to a perfect day tomorrow. Like Di I always lock all the doors in the car on central locking as soon as I get in.

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                            Sounds like a nightmare. I am very easily annoyed by people doing stupid things so I'd have ended up shouting at the man and/or running him over to teach him a lesson.

                            Although, on the other hand, he might have not been quite right in the head!


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                              Good grief, you must've been so stressed when you got in.

                              Hope you're enjoying the Voddy & Mollys though