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really really really got the hump

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  • really really really got the hump

    just got my blood test results , spoke to the nurse this morning who said I was post menapausal ( spelling !! ) I said that can't be right as that means I'm past the menapause she said she needed to refer me to the doctor
    I have just spoken to him and he said yes I am post menapausal and my periods could well finish in about 6 months time omg omg omg
    he was talking to me about HRT as because I'm having my menapause so young bone density could be a problem and will help out with the hot flushes
    but I'm not having hot flushes so he said there are other non hormonal treatments that will help out with the bone density ,I've got to speak to him in a few months
    I'm only 43 its not fair !!!

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    cards by design

    Oh dear oh dear. I am still on the menopause after almost 10yrs so i was 46 almost,when i started. No hot flushes,no definate signs but doc was right. Good job i did not want any more babes. Good luck with it and hugs too. xx


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      I don't see how you can be POST menopausal if you're still having periods. You could be starting your menopause. Doctors really do need bedside manner training, they never seem to notice that people have emotional responses to things like this. Big hugs.

      Anyway, don't panic. Think of the benefits, no more periods, no need for contraception, both seem good outcomes to me. I'm only 40 and had a hysterectomy last October and have felt fabulous ever since. A friend of mine had an early menopause and has been taking hrt because of the hot flushes and feels fine on it.

      All is not lost xxx

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        I went for a pill 'check up' last week & the doctor said that at my next check they would probably lower the dosage as I am nearing the age of the 'the change' I am only 39 & never even THOUGHT about the menopause yet!!


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          This is a CRAFTS forum ladies. You are making me feel uncomfortable reading all this....... give a thought to the men! And I wouldn't want to start explaining all this to children.....

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