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    Does anyone write short stories? And do you enter them for competitions? I had another idea and was searching the net and came across a few competition sites. I havn't wrote a story for a very long time but the other night decided to begin!

    I don't know if anything will come of it but any advice would be greatly appreciated! If not anything it takes my mind off everything!
    Dee x
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    nope, but i have written a few poems

    I just want to sleep,
    Not wake up, and never eat,
    As I lay here wondering why,
    All I want to do is cry,
    So what’s the point in life?
    If all it is, is a load of strife,
    Heaven or Hell? I don’t care,
    Halo or Horns? It can’t be worse,
    Than what life’s like on Earth,
    Fair enough, we're all going to die,
    But in life, no matter how hard I try,
    This isn’t fun, it’s not a game,
    It always seems to cause me pain,
    It’s not good to think these things,
    Please god, just give me wings,
    Then I could fly away, and leave my troubles,
    And float around in a giant bubble,
    Forgetting about life and how it was,
    Cos it feels like no-one gives a toss,
    So as I lay here in my bed,
    With these thoughts rushing through my head,
    All I can do is wait and see,
    What the next day brings for me.
    Thats one of my poems. Very depressing but, meh. lol

    Good luck with your stories


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      I used to write quite a lot, just dont seem to be motivated like I used to! And it was before I had a computer, so I wrote it all in longhand with a pencil so I could rub it out and change it if I wanted to!

      There is a lot of very fierce competition when you enter writing contests, I think some of them are very prestigious and look good on your cv / portfolio even if you are already an established writer. My best advice would be to read lots of the stories that won or were runner-up in each competition before so you know what style they seem to favour.

      It might be worth trying to get a story published in a magazine as well, I think sometimes that is easier than winning a competition! There are of course the well-known women's magazines like bella, best but there are also a lot of hardly heard of magazines that will pay for short stories too. I used to have the writer's and artist's yearbook which listed them all, what they were looking for, what they paid etc but I expect there is probably a way of looking them up online now!

      Good luck! And let us know how you get on!