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What y been up to this wkend

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  • What y been up to this wkend

    Apart from fireworks and bombfire partys what have any of you been doing this weekend,apart from joining this craftsite i havent done much just a lazy weekend and walks in my nearby park with my dog which i really enjoy.

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    Your weekend sounds great! Mine consisted of working.. as usual! The joys of working for yourself I suppose.
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      Had a fun weekend of sorting out thousands of books!! I used to sell books on Amazon but the market has just become saturated with loads and loads of new sellers selling their books for 1p. Anyway, I spent most of the weekend sorting them out into lots to sell on ebay - even if I just cover postage I will be happy! Not really fun but had to be done!
      Next weekend will be better as it is Anya's birthday - 3 already - where does the time go??
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        I shopped for a pals birthday pressie, saw fireworks, overdosed on chinese takaway and had the most amazing fun playing trivial pursuit with pals(my team lost)
        Sunday I changed my room around so I didnt have to sit by a freezing window, so I can now reduce the number of blankets i cover myself with whilst watching tv.
        Then ate a yummy dinner with parents and godparents, tried to do some craft but couldnt get into it.
        I now await a new delivery of goodies.
        Im typing tis whilst wearing fingerless gloves.Yes its that cold at work.

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