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XP/Vista Network Problems

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  • XP/Vista Network Problems

    Need a bit of help please.

    Up until 2 weeks ago, we had one XP desktop hardwired into the router (Netgear), and also 3 XP laptops running wirelessly, with no problem at all having them on the home network. Plus a 4th laptop that comes to visit occasionally)

    Since then we have introduced another XP desktop, which connected fine, and a Vista Home Premium laptop, this is the one refusing to play ball. All the XP machines can find each other no problem, and can send things via the network to the new desktop which is connected to the printer.

    We did manage briefly to get the Vista laptop to print something, but now it can't seem to see any of the XP machines any more, and cannot find the printer to send documents to print. We plugged the printer direct into the Vista machine, loaded it up, with all the Vista drivers etc, but it still cannot find the printer.

    Does anyone know how the heck we can get this flipping laptop onto the network as part of the family of computers? (it can find the router etc no problem as it connects to the internet without trouble) all we want is to be able to see each other, and for it to be able to print direct through the network to the printer. And please keep it in simple terms.

    I have tried googling, and one thing that came up was the the XP computers needed LLTD? layer topology summat, I tried to put it on the desktop with the printer attatched but it was saying that the update on the computer was newer than the one I was trying to install (I do have SP3 installed if that helps)

    any help gratefully received, many thanks

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    Originally posted by Delta View Post
    (it can find the router etc no problem as it connects to the internet without trouble)
    Well that's a load better than our Vista laptop! Vista drove me so loopy I got hubby to load XP onto my laptop and it now behaves perfectly. Hubby's kept Vista on his laptop and the internet connection drops out so frequently on it that his laptop is now only used when I refuse to lend him mine.

    My advice would be get rid of Vista....not the most helpful am I?
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      We have an XP desktop and a Vista laptop, which both work perfectly with our wireless system, and we also have a wireless HP printer, but they both work well with that as well!

      Sorry can't help - but Vista causes no problems for me!


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        Well after a lot of swearing, crashing of the Vista computer (it's fond of doing that) and other things, we finally (and I don't know how) got it onto the network and communicating with the other computers.

        Still can't get it to print, it finds the printer, then starts wanting drivers installed, so we click on install (have the drivers there, just need to point the computer to them), and then it throws a hissy fit and goes no responsive.

        We have now started putting anythign that needs printing into the shared docs file and pulling it out from the computer with the printer attached, not ideal but at least it works.

        And now I know that I was right when I said I didn't want to upgrade to Vista.


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          I had dreadful problems with Vista at first. Couldn't get onto the nett, when it did it also dropped out frequently. I also had the added problem that most stuff then was not vista friendly. Its OK now. They seem to have ironed out all my probs.
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            Ah, the dreaded XP/Vista network incompatability. I will mention to hubby as this is his department. But I know that running a network with Vista and XP machines there is a slight compatibility issue, especially with setting up secure networks. Something to do with password encryption.

            Ooops, just realised you can connect to the internet so that's not the problem. I'll pick his brains for you and see what advice he can come up with.

            It's what he does for a living, he's been in the IT business for about 25 years so there's not much he doesn't know and he's still learning. Vista is a PITA he won't use it, mind you he's testing Windows 7 at the mo
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              Thanks Ruby, appreciate it

              We think that it may be the router, we don't think it is all that happy with Vista (being a few year old like), it will let the Vista machine connect, see the other machines (and be seen), but doesn't want to let the laptop interact with the printer.

              Well it's his laptop that is the black sheep, so he can either shell out for a new router, or put up with having to ask me to pull his stuff to be printed out of the shared docs and print it for him.


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                Could it be something as simple as the printer not being compatible with Vista? I know when I had my new laptop last year my scanner, printer, etc had worked fine on XP but just refused point blank to work on Vista and I ended up having to replace them

                Hope you manage to get it sorted.


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                  The Vista machine is trying to use the XP drivers, and failing. It took me DAYS to fix this...

                  This is how you do it :
                  Installing a Network Printer on Vista, and choosing to use your OWN Vista driver, not the one the network holds :

                  Get the Vista printer driver, and save it on the Vista machine somewhere
                  In the Vista "client" PC, launch the "Add a Printer" wizard and select the "Add a local printer" option. This automatically opens a new dialog box in which to select the Port.
                  Click the "Create a new port" radio button and leave the drop-down menu options on the default of "Local Port". Click Next.
                  A small box opens in which to enter the Port Name. Type in the path to the "shared" printer in the host PC using the format \\<machine name>\<Printer’s share name>
                  Use the "Have Disk" button to install the correct Vista driver you’ve already acquired snd saved
                  Now carry on as usual to install the printer

                  Also, if you get the "long delay and says Spooling forever and never prints" issue in Office products, the stated cure is to turn off the "Background printing” option. Annoying to not have background printing, but not so annoying as not to be able to print properly!
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