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surreal moment with a call center

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  • surreal moment with a call center

    We break computors at the rate of 1 every 9months or so. I was not suprised when at 2 months old my webbook died!!
    Not too bothed as it was a freeby with my phone contract, but thought Id ring the carphone warehouse where it came from just to see if they would fix it.
    Explained it to the first guy on the phone, who said "whats a webbook" after an explanation he said "we dont sell them" I pointed out that they may not sell them but they give them away! He transfered me to the technical dept.
    The 2nd guy a technition, said "whats a webbook" I explained, he said "we dont sell them" I said I know but you give them away!
    After much consulting his manager said take it to one of our shops and book it in as a repair!
    Now what odds do you put on the sales staff at the shop to say "whats a webbook" followed by "we dont sell them"

    Im almost excited at the prospect of that happening Arnt I sad!!

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    You've got me sitting here with baited breath now. I trust you will keep us up-dated.
    Sorry about the hour - insomnia!
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Lol, Im not sure what odds I would put on them managing to fix it either, if they dont know what it is!!!!!


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        We get people phoning up for a "technician". I have problems with my computer/printer/computer projector they might complain. We respond with a "what do you want me to do about it. I think you need an IT technician. I'm a lab technician." They still haven't grasped the concept that not all technicians do computers!
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          Do you think they gave them away as when delivered did not know what they were? lol


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            what idiots, they supplt the machines and dont even know what one is. think they really need to catch up on what they are giving away


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              Webbook - noun. Book that thinks it's a duck.


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                hahahahaha! sounds like our Carphone Warehouse, half their staff don't even know about the phones they are selling so I don't hold out much hope for your webbook.

                BTW I dont know what one is either, but I'm a girlie and not selling them or giving them away, so can I be excused????
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                  Best of luck!

                  Must say that Carphone Warehouse sound a bit worse than Dell did when their graphics driver on this puter baulked at a windows update!!

                  Wish you the best of luck and hope that head bashing and trees dont enter the picture!
                  Take care






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                    There is a certain kind of.... is it phone rage?? that takes hold when getting through to a call centre - a rapid descent from polite enquiry to well phone rage once you have repeated yourself umpteen times!
                    If you deviate from the script they read to you then you get caught in a loop of ridiculousness, passed from pillar to post and back again! Please be careful you don't smash said webbook in your frustration before you find the one person able/willing to assist!

                    If this is not you it may just be that I am allergic to call centres!
                    I hope you get it resolved!
                    Terry xxx
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                      Finaly got around to takeing the said webbook into the carphone warehouse shop yesterday, and the guy knew what it was!!!! when I explaned the prob he said "I can fix that" and pressed controle and F4, and waited and waited and waited, then he said "we will send it away and they will most likley send you another"
                      Im happy with that, will wait for the result