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Let's have a good old fashioned moan.......

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  • Let's have a good old fashioned moan.......

    Hi all, thought I'd start this thread off after reading about Moonbeam Angels toothache. What pains we suffer... I get migraines & they are the pits, sometimes get a bad back & get an achey hip. Used to suffer with bad period pains but too old for them now, have moved on to loss of memory, what did I just say there & had a time of hot flushes. Started the menopause just after 40 & couldn't figure out what was going on, then the penny sank. I was having hot flushes every hour for months which is very unfortunate when you are having a driving lesson with a pupil & have to put the air con on full blast freezing cold then when the flush has passed you want the hot air on as you're cold. Tried everything under the sun to try & sort it out myself but then thought, " Why suffer " as nothing is working & hey presto, HRT. It hasn't helped the memory, god knows what it would be like without HRT but no more hot flushes. Was worried about putting weight on but as long as I'm sensible don't seem to gain weight. That's me sorted, & the next one please. Looking forward to more moans, cheers Linda
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    I'm not too bad at the moment - unless you count still looking for my marbles, but I started seeing a new shrink last week so I'm hopeful things will improve.

    A few months before christmas was a bad time for me - I just seemed to get bogged down with one thing after another - a series of 3 very nasty abscesses one after the other in places you don't want to mention! Terrible cold (not quite flu but almost as bad) and in the middle of all that monthlies that are getting worse (age related of course) and a nasty bout of runs and puking for 2 days.


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      Aaahh, the good old "whinge"!!!! We love it - who's got the most awful aches & pains....

      My hips are sore, but that's just too much sitting in my office chair trying to get my humungous mountain of work done.

      My head aches but that's just because my eyes don't work properly, and trying to read a silly computer screen is precisely NOT what the doctor ordered.

      My hands are numb, but that's just because I have a pup who lies under my wheelie-chair and I'm too afraid to move in case I run over his ears (have done it in the past, and it wasn't pleasant !)

      And most serious of all is that I'm just so darned tired I could cry. But that's just because I'm a single mom - at the moment - and trying to do too much, and not getting enough done, and missing out on all the fun bits of having a daughter.


      ....nothing serious, and nothing life-threatening, and really I'm not sure why I'm whingeing?

      Your turn !
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        bad knees had an accident when i was about 12 and my left knee wasn't treated right and now that i'm 42 i find that the cold weather makes it worse so i spend most of the winter hobbleing around and i suffer from virtigo which has been quite bad this past few weeks and spent a few days in bed and throwing up everytime i sat up but apart from that not to bad at the moment

        next please
        while i knit i think


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          Oh God NO!!!! How many more???? IT'S A CRAFT FORUM - NOT A WAITING ROOM!!!!!!! Sorry, thread closed, purely because it was one too many!