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    Get Ulrika winning Celebrity Big Brother!!!!

    I haven't watched it religiously, only tuning in when there's nothing else on but when I have, I've been slightly annoyed at how much sexism the men in there have been allowed to get away with. So I was very pleased when Ulrika won as it was such a blow to all the testosterone that has taken over . . . . . . especially Coolio!

    I think she won because, although she is a bit of a celebrity, she's made so many mistakes in her life - sometimes her own fault and sometimes down to others, but she has dealt with them, sometimes the hard way and always in the public eye but even so, she still manages to appear "normal".

    I'm really glad she won.


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    I'm with you on that one!!!!!

    I was amazed that BB let Coolio get away with as much as he did - and in my eyes he 'was' being a bully and intimidating a lot of the time and there was no way I could have lived in that house with both him and Tommy!

    Was SOOOOOOOOOOO pleased she won and loved collio's face when he found out he was being evicted..............wooo hooo.

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      What a result the men were awful to her at times and thought she did not stand a chance, the British public always get behind someone who deserves it.

      I was shocked about Verne as he was odds on to win for some time but he would not talk to Ulrika at the table that night, which I thought was rude. Both he and Coolio thought they would walk away with this.

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