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My Sister was in a Car Crash last week

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  • My Sister was in a Car Crash last week

    Somebody must have been watching over my sister, her sin, stepgrandaughter and her best friend when they were involved in a four car pile up on the M1 last week.

    Their car was the second one and 2 others smashed into them from behind.

    All thankfully were not hurt seriously and are now out of hospital. My sister is so badly bruised she can hardly walk but at least she is still here!!!!

    Dread to think what could have happened as four people's lives could have been wiped out in an instant for some stupid actions by a car changing lanes on a motorway!!!

    Car pictures here:

    Update is she is still very bruised and sore and wont be going back to work for a little while.
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    I am glad everyone was virtually unscathed, I cant begin to think how scared your sister must of been then you to get a call to say what had happened, sending you all HUGS xx
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      I'm so glad everyone is alright, what a terrible thing to happen they are very very lucky, my thoughts are with you all x

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        Im glad there all ok just had a look at the photos there so lucky sending them all ((((((((hugs))))))))

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          Thank goodness you're all doing well and ok. I too, thankfully, can't remember my accident or any pain, my mind has blanked it out. What I can remember is a lady holding my hand all the time though...weird what the brain does isn't it?! Big hugs to you all X
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            They were really lucky glad they ok
            Tell her to get some Arnica for the bruising does wonders.
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              glad everyone is ok, my thoughts to you all.
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                I hope they are all feeling ok?? What a fright for them! Glad no one was badly hurt!



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                  Ouch! Looks like you sis and everyone else was very lucky. I'm glad no one has any serious injuries and I hope your sister has a speedy recovery.


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                    That car's not going anywhere again is it? I'm glad your sister and her family are ok. They were very lucky. I hope she has a speedy recovery.


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                      It gets more scary by the day out there. So pleased they all managed to walk away from it.
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                        OMG how awful, soo glad to hear they are all well apart (((HUGS)))
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                          Thanks very much for all your kind thoughts and its blooming maddening to think it was caused my one stupid driver who changed lanes because he wanted to get where he was going faster!!! Needless to say that car was not touched!

                          I'm hoping to get her to come and stay for a few days next week - right now its a bit too much for her to travel the hour journey but she has four daughter's (three who live close by) and are all looking after her.

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                            How awful, I travel up the M4 and round the M25 to visit family every year and it terrifies my mum sitting at home waiting for me to call her.

                            When I worked in the legal profession I had several cases of what we termed motorway madness! Why is it always the innocent that come off worse I wonder?

                            All I can say is thank whatever Gods they were lucky, albet bruised and battered, and Guardian Angels? well they certainly had at least one there!

                            Hope they all feel much better soon, mentally and physically. (You too!)
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                              Good grief! having looked at the picture, can see they were very lucky indeed!

                              So glad they're all ok