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    Hi guys,

    I don't know where else to post this, so I hope it's in the right sort of area.

    Html coding. Yep, that dreaded thing. I'm in the process of building a website, and most of my previous (limited) knowledge of html and css has sorta come back.

    But, I do have one thing that's bugging me. I'd like my images to pop up larger than they are on the main pages of the site. How this would work I don't know, whether fancy or plain. My request is if anyone knows of any good scripts or sites that help with this, some kind of gallery that I can manipulate to use with the html and css that I already have running... anything really.

    T'would be much appreciated, but if you don't have a clue that's okay too. Just thanks for reading.
    Rach x

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    What software are you using?. I make Photo Albums which automatically thumbnail the image and put on an individual page at a larger size by just dragging and dropping under the heading. I think it depends what you use, there are a lot of members on here that I am sure can help you.


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      The way I read the post Rachel is writing the code and not using software.

      If someone has the answer I'd also be interested as I currently have the thumbnail linking to the full-size in a new window.
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        Are you wanting to have the small image in say a placeholder then be able to view the image bigger when necessary??

        If this is the case what about a rollover image, where by mouse hovvering the small image it will become a larger one.
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          Hi Rachel
          on some of my pages on my website i use a free software called hitech gallery maker.
          On the other pages I use a javascript that is part of the dreamweaver could always copy the script from the source page on my website and replace all the files with your own to see if it would work. I am not sure if it will....its just a suggestion.
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            Yeah, this is usually done using javascript codes. If you pop along to HotScripts there should be the code u need on there.


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              Hi all,

              Thanks for this. I am coding it myself (or at least trying to, lol) so it's really a script I guess. I'll check out links when I have more time to dedicate to it. Either a click link or a rollover link perhaps... hmmm. Lol, maybe I should just post the site in the relevant section and ask for reviews on the progress so far (which looks confusing even to me, lol).

              I've seen some sites use Jalbum to manipulate images within sites, and they looked really quite cool. I downloaded it, tried it, but can't for the life of me figure out how they got the galleried images to their site. To the Jalbum site yes... but not to their own html.

              Yep, confused doesn't even cover it. But anyway, thanks for the replies. Really helpful. *hug*
              Rach x

              Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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                Try w3Schools - they have info on all sorts of HTML tips & tricks

                Scorch's Pyrography :
                Crafts on Flickr :


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                  If you want to show "big versions" of pictures when a 'thumbnail' is clicked, and have a bit of Javascript/HTML experience - do a search for "Lightbox" or "Fancybox" - they're very good scripts (freely available, and free to use) for showing sort of fancy pop-ups.

                  We've actually used Lightbox in a few customer sites - it lets us add a little bit of extra 'eye candy' for them very quickly (e.g. without attaching a large bill to the process).

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                    I was going to suggest Lightbox too, the latest version is here to download

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                      Aha!! Lightbox could be the answer! Thanks for that. I'll give it a shot at the weekend when I have more time and my brain's actually working. It kinda gets fugged up after work, lol.

                      Thanks all!
                      Rach x

                      Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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