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evening all, how it's going in the cold ???

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  • evening all, how it's going in the cold ???

    Hi all, how is everyone finding this bl**dy cold weather. Went out today & the temp reading was about -2 & I had thermal long johns & thermal vest on under about 3 other layers. Having to keep the heating on low all night as the temp has been down to -8 here in Guildford, dread to think how much the bill will be. It does look pretty but it's way too cold for me. One good thing when it's frozen like this the dogs come back clean when they go out over the common & fields. Can't defrost the bird baths as they just refreeze. For anyone who does like this cold.............enjoy.
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    No I'm with you on this one, it's far to cold. It's frosty here bit Ive no idea of the temperature, the only time I do know is when I go out in the car, as it has a built in thermometer, yesterday it was -1 but Ive no idea about today as I've stayed indoors, but it's even been cold indoors!!!
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      I'm with you on this one...My feet are freezing and I feel even colder today than the other days when it's been even colder outside! That's weird!? I'm going to fetch my fluffy slippers and a blanket!! Good excuse to say in + do some beading!

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        yes I hate the cold and it couldn't have come at a worse time when we're all trying to cut the heating bills could it
        last year we were all out during the day so that was ok , the heating went on in the morning and the early evening but now theres always someone home which is hard cos I can't leave them in a cold house can I but I'm dreading the bill coming in


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          I also hate the cold it is -3 here at the moment and my feet are like 2 blocks of ice and the heating is on full.
          Whats made it worse is that my cousin is over from Australia and she had an email from her other half saying how warm it was there.
          Only 37 degrees wish I was there having some of that lovely sunshine.She made me laugh as I told het to bring a good heavy coat as it was cold here at the moment.She was wearing what we would call a spring jacket she said this was thick,you could see her goose bumps everywhere.Off to get her a warm winter coat tomorrow, she will need it here.
          I am sat snuggly in my pjs,fluffy dressing gown and my moon boot style slippers .All I need now is a nice cup of hot chocolate,or a nice warm baileys,ahhhhh what a choice!
          Keep warm everyone
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            quote by Lady Sparkle [I am sat snuggly in my pjs,fluffy dressing gown and my moon boot style slippers ]

            that will be me in a few minutes!!!!
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              Well, I love the cold, and it's not fair because it's not that cold here in Plymouth.

              I have had the heating on and we are having frosts, but we've had no snow this winter and I only have to wear a normal coat to be warm

              I even spent 2 hours yesterday power washing the front drive - although my feet were freezing at the end!!



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                Stacey, you must be mad lol!

                Im with the others on this one, I HATE the cold! I spend 2 days a week at a therapeutic gardening project on a farm which has no heating, and I wear so many layers to go there I look and feel like a michelin man! My usual get-up to go there is a camisole vest, 4 or 5 long sleeve thermal vests, a thick polo neck jumper, a thick fleece gilet, a thin fleece jacket, a really thick fleece coat (which I dont take off!), full-length thermal leggings with jeans over the top, thermal ski socks and fur lined boots. And I am still cold! Brrrrr!

                I woke up on wed with a cold which has made my asthma really bad and this cold weather is aggravating it because everytime I go outside it seems to make my chest constrict. It is so horrible! Please can we have some warmer weather soon!


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                  we haven't been just as cold as the south of england but not far off and i have been lighting the open fire in the living room at night for a bit of extra heat (heats the water as will so upstairs stays warm when the oil heating is off) but i have a big problem i can't get at the fire for 2 cats as kittens they had been kept in an outhouse and had never seen a coal fire until they came to live with us , about 3 months ago, and as soon as i lift off the fireguard they are there purring and tangled round my feet and then they get soooo close you can smell their fur singe
                  while i knit i think




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                    Not pulled back the curtains (or gotten dressed yet today) so I'm not sure how cold it is. Plus the heating got left on constant by accident again so the house is toasty warm!

                    I really would like it to snow though
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                      NO, NO, NO, NO, we don't want snow! it would have been fine during the Christmas break while I didn't have to go out but can you imagine trying to get two children to school with loads of snow around!!!

                      Apart from the driving in snow etc, the children would not want to leave the garden for making snowmen and snowball fighting (they have never had a garden until we moved to our bungalow in October!)

                      No you can keep the cold and the ice and the snow, give me some warm weather soon PLEASE!!!!!!
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                        It was -5 in Yorkshire this morning when we set off for the market but by the time we got to Manchester it had warmed up . . . . . to -3.

                        I was wearing long sleeve thermal top, long sleeve tee shirt, short sleeve tee shirt, thin polo neck jumper, very thick polo neck jumper, fleece hoodie, thick footless tights, thermal long johns, 2 pairs thermal socks (one knee length), jeans, fur lined Ugg boots, mitchelin man style padded coat, two extra long scarves, boucle hat and long gloves.

                        By the time 5.00 pm came round I couldn't wait to get into the car to thaw out as I don't think the temperature rose above zero all day.

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                          I have my heating on for one hour every morning, when the kids get dressed for school, and one hour in the evening, when the kids have their bath. We have a gas prepayment meter and we simply cannot afford to have it on for longer.

                          We all wear massive thick jumpers, and I have a long cardi with a hood that I wear all the time. I also do the dishes to warm my hands, get a nice hot bath and have started adding the bottle of whisky we were bought as a wedding present to coffee
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                              That's what I always say, doesn't work though, I still hang about too long!
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