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  • Further Education in a Different Subject

    Has anyone every done a masters or something but in a different subject to their degree?

    I ask as Edinburgh College of Art have postgraduate courses in Jewellery and Silversmithing. A quote from the website here -

    Applicants are normally expected to have a first or second-class degree or the equivalent in a
    relevant discipline. However, applications from those with honours degrees in other, unrelated
    disciplines or from applicants with a relevant combination of qualifications and work experience will
    be considered.

    Now will making my own stuff and doing this evening course in silversmithing be enough do you think? I know that i would need to phone and ask loads of questions and of course funding would be a problem! But wouldnt that be great if i could do this!
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    OMG that sounds fab!

    Did you ring them to ask? I would imagine you are just the sort of person they want, having done a silversmithing course already and having real life experience rather than just an art degree.

    Go for it! Good luck!


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      What's your degree in? I did a MSc in something a little similar but not entirely similar to my BSc. If you have some relevant experience then it is probably worth asking what sort of experience they would consider. Remember you may have to show some sort of portfolio of your work - including drawings of your ideas for designs and finished work. There's no harm in phoning up the course leader and having a chat.
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        eca are very strict in their application process as there is such competition to get in and standards are sky high. So if yu get through for interview make sure you have an amazing portfolio to take with you. Good luck.


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          Hmm, well i havnt really got a portfolio as such and i dont tend to draw my designs lol! But i could make one!

          The fees are quite pricey. But iv been readin and there may be funding i could get. My degree was biology and i got a 2:1. I will be competing against other people that have art degrees though so it will be a long shot. I dont lack in enthusiasm anyway!
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            I think you maybe trying to run befor ya can walk hone.
            It will be a lot of stress. Do you realy need it at the moment?
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              Well i cant do anything like a degree or under as i wont get any funding. Iv done a HND and a degree. Im doing an evening class but i want more. Its not enough and i want actual education about silversmithing/jewellery.

              What i need is to get myself stuck into something, somehitng i enjoy! Im applying for office jobs and i know i will hate them. Im only doing it as i need money.

              What else would you suggest?
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                Have they got any open days coming up where you could bombard them with questions? Alternatively find out who the admissions tutor is and send them an email outlining your experience/qualifications and ask if it's worth an application. Also as you're already a graduate I believe (although it might me diferent in Scotland) you can visit Edingburgh College of Art's careers centre and get some advice from them (could be better than your old uni as obviously they have the inside knowledge).
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                  I have been emailing someone and i hope to arrange a meeting for some advice.
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                    My OH gets loans, grants, etc. (Ok, I didn't take much notice when he told me!) And he's a mature student (43)

                    He made an appointment, took in a list of questions he wanted answering and discussed everything with a tutor. He was so long in there that I'd gone all around Boscombe town centre window shopping and gone in a couple of estate agents to get their letting doo flips AND still sat bored stioff in the car for half an hour!

                    Apply, what the hell!! Take in your drawings (bung em in a nice folder!) take in your best pieces, get your current course tutor to write a letter saying how enthusiastic (and talented!!) you are and go for it.

                    If they say yes, then WHOOPEE!!!
                    If they say no, then at least you tried. Don't worry about money before you've applied or it'll put you off. Other people manage - we've managed for nearly 8 years and we've got 2 kids. It's not so bad being skint!

                    Good luck whatever you decide!





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                      As someone who has studied silversmithing, (DA, Duncan of Jordanstone) I feel that the entry requirements for a postgraduate course in this subject may require more experience in working with metals and gemstones than you currently have. I have recently finished an Honours Degree in Art History and have just embarked on a MSc Information Studies by distance it is possible to change directions not once, but many times.
                      If you could arrange an interview at the Art School they will be able to let you know what level of experience they require (remember, you will be in class alongside students who have graduated in silversmithing) and show a portfolio of your work with photos of your jewellery and any other artistic/crafts that you make, then you will have a clearer picture of the right direction to take. One source of funding is ILA who will give you a small grant of up to £500 per annum to help towards course fees etc.
                      Best of luck,