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  • Car Runs?

    this is totally un-related to crafts but here it goes.

    I have a plan in the pipeline for a charity car run ( around the coast of UK ), i have no idea about terms and specs as of yet as i only thought it up last night may turn out to be another one of my many crap ideas that will never work.

    Basically, it will hopefully be sponsered by big companies who will pay for advertising and other things and each car driver gets sponsers from individuals to do the run which then get donated to different charities, or there will be an entry fee, which will go to charity.

    Kinda like a charity Bullrun for the UK

    like i said, this may never get more than an idea but id like to hear your opinions on this.



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    Its a lovely idea and I sincerely hope you get it off the ground. A lot of hard work will go into it not the least of which will be getting Companies to sponsor you especially in the present ecconomic climate.
    If it looks like a goer then maybe one or two crafters can offer small raffle prizes - put me down for one.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Thanks Critchley,

      Yeah, it will be a ton of work,but i hope to have the first "Run" summer 2010 so a year to get ready and going, lol best get my driving license lol a driving run with the event organiser not driving? Hmmm...


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        This sounds like a great idea.

        There is something similar, only on a bigger scale, which starts from here each year for our local hospice.

        Their website is:

        I'm not sure if you'll be able to get any help or advice from there or even get them to join you?

        Good luck with it all... if you go ahead with it then I'd definitely recommend contacting some of the car clubs - if you need contacts just gimme a shout


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          Eldest son does the modball run through europe, last year they got to germany and were impounded by the police, and told to go home or get knicked for anything they could think of!!!
          You need to get the authorities on side and not take entrys from speed freaks that will try and turn it into a race


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            thanks for the info. All entrants will be running at their own risk so if they speed and get pulled etc it will be their fault and have nothing to do with us