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  • All for nothing

    I just downloaded and installed Zencart to my wobsite host, only to find, that after deleting wordpress, and spending ages uploading all the files, that my host doesnt allow it.meaning i will have to delete the files and re-install wordpress and stick to my origional plan. Bloody pain in the bum.

    i'm not such a happy bunny now

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    Bummer snowgoose. Mind you that is unusual most hosting companies provide Zencart and/or OSCommerce as standard.

    Who is your hosting with? Did they give you access to CPanel?
    Ruby xx

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      Oh no ! I hate it when things like that happen (I've had my fair share...). Its very frustrating and the only thing you 'get' from it is learning to try and suss out compatability before making changes next time (but have to say that doesnt always work either... ho hum....)


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        well, im not using them for hosting now, so am doing some web hunting for a new host

        just a really big downer


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          Oooh snowgoose, I know someone that does hosting, and they are very reasonable, my other half just took his website there and got it at something like £20 for a year.

          If you are interested let me know and I will dig the information out for you.


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            Hi Delta, that sounds very interesting, if you could PM me the info i would be very grateful




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              things maybe arent as bad as they seem. I have just found a host ( thanks Delta ) and i just finished working out individual costs of beads, well most of them

              Now i just need to plan the site


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                Glad to be of help, I only stumbled across him accidently on another forum when I was looking for hosting for my other half's website, as the 'host' had just taken the server offline for maintainence and he was wanting £30 per 6 months , so t'other half was looking for an alternative.


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                  Jake I tried quite a few hosts for Zencart and some run so slowly i had to leave-(painful cos it takes sooo long to set it all up) i now host mine on Bravenet its cheap and works efficiently and allows me to host up to 10 domains
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