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Strangest dreams, do you have any?

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  • Strangest dreams, do you have any?

    Hi all

    My partner woke up this morning with and told me about his dream that he had just had .They say your dreams are often things that are on your mind,but I cannot seem to figure this one out.
    Here goes:He bought a toll road from liverpool to wales which was only a mile long, but they wouldn't sell him the toilets with the toll road.He went on to say that we made a fortune from it, so do you think this is sign of good things to come our way.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Has anybody else had strange dreams that they cannnot figure out?

    Keep sparkling
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    the weirdest thing i have dreamed about is max from eastenders lol


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      Every night, almost, and I remember them. I hasten to add I only remember the bad dreams, either that or I never have any good ones? I have a very vivid imagination.
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        right heres the first two I have many strange dreams and my friends think I'm mad lol they're probably right
        can't think of any more off the top of my head but I'm sure they'll come back to me
        I was in an alleyway with graeme norton jumping over puddles of custard !!!!!!!!!!!
        the second one was when my daughter was little and we were sitting on teatowels with her friend sliding down the hill on the ice
        just remembered another one , the details are a bit vague but they weren't at the time
        we have some very close friends who we see every week , something happened when we were with them and my dream got a bit scary ,its annoying me now that I can't remember why and then we ended up in an episode of only fools and horses dressed as jason and kylie !!
        perhaps I'd better stop now before you all think I'm mad or is it too late lol


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          I often have really strange dreams which seem like a total muddle when I wake up and think about them... strangely enough, I too only seem to remember the 'bad' dreams and never the good.


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            I have strange dreams all the time, some of them scarily true.

            When I was pregnant 4 years ago I dreamt I couldn't wake him up and 2 weeks later he was born stillborn.

            I also had a dream when my eldest daughter ( who I lost when she was 5 to cancer ) was a baby that I she was in a swimming pool and no matter how hard I tried to swim to save I couldn't.

            I also dreamt about Princess Dianna the night she died , I dreamt she said "f**k the establishment " , my ex husband rang me in the early hrs of that night to tell me Princess Dianna had been killed in an accident ( he was printing that days newspapers so knew within minutes of it happening ).

            When I used to work in an old peoples home I dreamt after a long nightshift where we lost a husband and wife in the same night that the gentleman walked past his wifes bedroom door ( he had been unable to walk for many years ) and he waved at me and smiled.

            I recently had a dream about Madeline McCann that I wrote told my OH about , I don't always tell people but felt I had to this time just in case.

            Last night I dreamt about lilac kittens !! I wonder what that means ??.....ohhh I just looked it's not good, lol, hey ho !!!
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              Have a look on the dream dictionary site, itl interpret what you dream of.

              Recently I dreamt about a hamster!!!


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                I have strange dreams all the time too, most of which I remember when I wake up but soon forget.

                One I remember was of Dustin Gee (a comedian from the 80's) he had been very ill and was on the mend, I woke in the middle of the night/early hours thinking he was dead. I wrote down the time. He died exactly 12 hours later!!!!!

                Another was a daydream. I was standing at a station waiting for a train and daydreaming about where to sit on the train in case it crashed. In my mind I was running through a scenario of if I sat in the middle section I wouldnt be safe because if the train hit something at the front and then another train came along and hit the back of my train, the middle section would be affected because it would be shoved up into the air.

                Little did I know but at that exact time the Clapham Common train disaster was happening, where the train crashed and then another hit it from behind!!!

                Now how freaky is that!!
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                  You do realise that this thread a shrinks paradise, don't you?

                  When I was a kid I used to dream that I could fly all the time. I just used to jump into the air as if I was diving into a swimming pool and kick my legs as if I was swimming, and I'd hover above everyone's heads.

                  I once woke up in the middle of the night having dreamt I'd won the jackpot on the lottery. Quick as a flash I wrote down the "winning numbers" but I couldn't remember one of them. I bet on those numbers for over a year without any success - I never win anything on the lottery - so eventually I gave it up as a bad loss. I've never even won a tenner!

                  Three weeks later the 5 numbers I wrote down, came up and the prize was . . . . . . . . just over £125K.

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                    Auntynet thought you said "surfers paradise" what I would give to be there right now ,wake me up you said shrinks paradise !I must have been dreaming

                    GUESS what my dream of fortune came true!We are part of a family lottery group just sisters brothers and dad ,total 4 of us.Well we hit the big time last night on the lottery, we won a £10 between the 4 of us.
                    So maybe this was what my partners dream was trying to tell him.
                    I would have prefered the 125k like the numbers that came up afterwards for you auntynet, but they always say it comes to those who wait.
                    I'll keep waiting.

                    My little boy of 10 has a very vivid imagination and has writtem a lot of little stories thst he has remembered from his dreams.He sais he is going to be rich one day, well he might just be from the stories from his dreams.
                    Hope he doesn't forget his good old mama and papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Oh my goodnees I'm sat here dreaming again and they are all waiting for last nights dinnner mmmmmmmmmmmmm
                    ***I can't promise you the MOON, but I can promise SPARKLE.***



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                      Mostly I don't remember my dreams but when I was younger I used to have the same dream over and over again, and it involved Batman & Robin.........don't ask!


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                        I used to have recurring dreams that I was living in Warwick Castle. I was nearly always on the minstrels gallery area above the great hall in a nice fancy dress. I also had recurring dreams that I was in London at a tube station looking for my friends and I met up with all of them - even the ones I hadn't seen for years and years!

                        My latest dream involved me wanting to go to the cinema and there was a Macdonalds nearby. The cinema only opened its doors when the adverts before the film were starting (just like the good old days about 20 years ago when I had to queue in the cold waiting to buy a ticket). The doors were shut and the Macdonalds was full of chavs and I didn't want to be hanging around near them so didn't know where to go....... I then woke up!
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