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  • Has the day finally arrived?

    Its new years eve and I have no plans to go out tonight.My pals havnt said theres a big party going on so looks like il be staying in on my own tonight...the scary thing is that it doesnt particularly bother me.
    Have I lost all social contact, am I getting old, is it important that I should be going out tonight?
    So today I will be going food shopping as Ive been caught out before, no food in the house and all shops shut tomorrow, Il also be doing my dreaded tax form to do online(eventually)and maybe il be doing some jewellery making at some point, but thats a fun thing so Il have to leave it til last.

    Anybody else in the same boat?

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    I don't go out at new year, and haven't done for years.

    I object to paying just to get in pubs, then paying over the odds for drinks, and all while being squished in like a sardine.

    I would much rather stay at home, have a few drinks and stay warm (and safe)


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      I agree with Delta.. going out on NYE is over-rated these days (and over priced!). Much rather stay in & play with beads


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        For the last few years we have stayed in on Hogmanay as going to an over crowded and over priced pub just doesn't really appeal. Though usually we have friends round on NYE, this year it's looking like it will just be me and hubby, which really doesn't bother me.

        When I was little, I remember NYE being made a big deal of - we'd get ready and go to my grandparents house, and after the bells, there would be neighbours and friends coming and going until breakfast time - everyone would wander in and out of each others houses without a second thought but these days we're lucky to pass the time of day with most people in our street. It shows how much times have changed - and not for the better


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          I have been telling DH that I want to go out tonight but he has a totally different outlook than me on going out. He always chooses the quietest pub (no jukebox) in the middle of nowhere. I want to be where the action is - in the middle of town with a dance floor and preferably Karaoke. I would love to go to London to watch the fireworks and party all night.
          For the past 10 years or so we have only gone out on NYE about twice. The rest of the time DH has gone to bed before midnight leaving me to toast the new year with the TV.

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            Another old fogey here too I'm happily staying in tonight, fighting my way through drunk crowds to buy an expensive drink is not my idea of fun - at all.

            We're gonna have a Chinese Takeaway, watch some rubbish telly & play some games with DD on the Wii or PS3 & go to bed at about 12.02

            Happy New Year Crafters, however you celebrate it.
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              I don't envy those who are going out tonight - it's going to be -7 degrees!!! BRRR!

              We're having a few friends round which I think (hope) will be the best of both worlds as it's so much cheaper and warmer.

              Happy new year everybody

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                Due to having had icky bad colds for the last few days, hubby and I almost decided to spend New Year in on our own, but have decided we're healthy(ish) enough to do what we usually do, which is go to the knees up in the village pub in Oxfordshire where he grew up. No entry fees, 200 yards stagger to the in-laws' so no cabs... spot on! Am quite jealous of Autumn Faerie's chinese takeaway though.

                Happy New Year to everyone!
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                  going for pizza's with the kids at 7.30 and then I hope to tucked up in bed by 10.30pm!!
                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                    Your plans all sound good.

                    Obviously Id like to see my friends but I do hate being stuck in an overcrowded place that I had to pay to get in to.

                    I have a feeling il miss out on stuff but then again I can catch up on gossip at another time.

                    So Im stay in watching fab tv, Jools Holland faking another live Hogmaney(not sure how thsts spelt)and eating all the chocolates I have left over from Christmas.Oh and a couple fo bottles of Pina Colada which accidently fel into my shopping basket earlier today.

                    I feel bad as I havnt heard what my parents are doing tonight.I hooe they arent staying in for me.


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                      I will be joining you with Jules Holland. I do this every year, children in bed safe and sound, me watching tv and listening to the fireworks, warm, dry and safe indoors.

                      Do I sound old or what???!!!
                      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                        Neighbours, a few drams, a good old blether and maybe a sausage roll or two

                        Hope everyone enjoys their night x


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                          Having a very quiet evening in with another couple, having Chinese takeaway too! We're having to take the kids over with us too so I expect we'll be back before midnight!
                          I agree with the comments about crowded pubs, and maybe it's just the meanie in me, but I resent having to buy a ticket to get into a pub!

                          I do envy your evening in with beads as I'm desperate to get to mine, not had chance to do much yet this holiday! I got as far as getting the bead box out one evening, tidying it up a little, then putting it away!

                          Happy new year to everyone, whatever you're doing.

                          Helena xxx


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                            the boys and i are heading to my mums tonight and will be joined throughout the evening by other family and friends and as the boys are staying with her i might be home about 2am if i'm lucky OH is working (manager in the odyssey in belfast) and could see it far enough ..... all the world and his aunt will be trying to get into places that are already full so having seen it from the other side for a few years now he would be happy to join me at mums but i'll check back here when i get in just incase i might miss the party altogether
                            while i knit i think




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                              We usually end up over a friend's house, don't think I've been out in town on NYE since my early 20's - the idea of being in a crammed pub/club full of drunk teenagers and 20-somethings doesn't appeal to me nowadays so maybe I'm a boring old fart too.

                              Tonight though I'll hopefully be in bed by 10pm as we're off on holiday tomorrow and will set off for Gatwick at 4am!
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