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Mail theft >:(

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  • Mail theft >:(

    I am not a happy bunny, I received a message yesterday from the local police station asking me to call them asap, so i gave them a bell today and it turns out that a few horrid people in our local Royal mail sorting office had been stealing a huge amount of parcels

    It turns out the found one of mine discared, it was stock from the shop so I'm guessing they weren't crafters LOL I have got off lightly but I can imagin a lot of other people haven't been so lucky which is maddening especially when time are hard.

    Now i am expecting a visit for the PC who wants me to go through the box to see what is missing if anything and make a statement, it's such a pain in the bum as this order was due last week and I had customers waiting on stuff
    Ger xx

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    Not surprised at all . This time last year I had 3go missing and in the next 2 months another 3. Was told it was a temp posty but he had already been saked on time keeping isue so nothing could be done. Dont trust them anymore send anything worth money via signed for.
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      Its very sad and not the reputation Royal mail where known for
      Ger xx

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        No too many temporary staff at this time off year. At least you might get your stuff back.
        "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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          Really sorry to hear that! Royal Mail is not what it used to be.
          At least there is something being done about it and hopefully some measures put in place to prevent/reduce a reoccurence.

          It may be an idea to put a disclaimer on your website along the lines of 'in light of a recent occurence where some items have gone missing, please contact me if goods are not received in good time'.

          Although it doesn't help if they do go missing, at least people wont think the bad service stems from you.

          All the best with getting it sorted x
          Terry xxx
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            I hate thieves! My hubby went to the cash machine this morning only to be met by the police because some morons have put one of those camera's on it that steals your ID, grrr, they make me soooo mad! I've had to ring around to let people I know so that they can cancel their cards.
            Gail x

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              Makes me soooooooooooooo mad when I hear stuff like this - why oh why do people do it!!!

              I can still get upset when I think of 7 parcels of mine that I sent from America to here when I was moving back almost 4 years ago and I never received one of them to this day!!!! I had posted 5 parcels from one post office and they all arrived and the other 7 were posted from a different post office and they have never been found!!! Everything in there were little nick naks from my home along with cd's and video's and photographs - makes me want to scream when nasty people don't bat an eyelid and steal somebody else's stuff!!!!

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                I am so sorry to hear about this ((hugs)), that is just so awful and wrong in so many ways!! I can't believe people would actually be so cruel as to go through people's mail to see if there is anything valuable to steal - that is just awful!

                We had a story similar to this happen where we live and everyone was devastated and really mad that someone could do that to inicent people!

                I really feel for you and hope and pray that nothing of yours as gone missing and that the police can get this sorted out real soon - I feel so bad for the people that have ordered Christmas pressies and someone will have gone through them .

                Take care and please keep us updated if/when you hear anything else.


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                  I agree with everyone, it's so maddening, I had a parcel sent by my uncle a year or so ago of very old family photos, all family members who have passed away. I have never received it and it can never be replaced.

                  It is so annoying to think someone has been through the parcel and then discarded it as rubbish!
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                    Thanx guys (((HUGS))) I had the police round this afternoon with my bust box a passer by found a load of unwanted stuff dumped which turned out to be mine and a few other peoples, they did like craft stuff then!!! well apart from a few bit that where missing, I feel for the others though as mine didn't mean anything apart from a lot of hassle but there are a lot of people who have lot expencive & personal items, I actually get mad thinking about them an not myself, it's such a horrid thing to have happened.

                    I might have been stung twice by the looks of things as I placed an order for some luch Swarovski flat back and they haven't turned up either so some more phone calls to be made tomorrow!!!
                    Ger xx

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                      Yes, fully understand!! I had my 1st Folksy sale and that appears to have gone missing too!!! It's just soo frustrating!

                      Make sure you put your claims in to Royal Mail, so they can keep tabs on where is affected etc!!



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                        Oh that's just awful, you just don't expect it to be stolen by someone working at Royal Mail, or is that me just being naive?
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