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  • Present success

    I just had to share with you that my present buying has gone well.I went into town not expecting to get anything but ended up solving present ideas for 2 people!!

    Maybe my standards in quality or likability of presents has decreased, i hope not, I hope they like what I got them and they are certainly good quality but I have found it quite easy so far, Im usually really fussy.
    Im going into a bigger town later to hopefully finish present buying.Lets hope it goes as well as this morning.

    Anybody else doing well with shopping?

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    Originally posted by Seahorse View Post

    Anybody else doing well with shopping?
    No Tomorrow is the last day I can realistically get anything as next Sunday is our xmas meal (a group of friends get together every xmas as we only manage to see each other a few times a year nowadays) so I've got to get pressies for them and I dare say after our meal we'll stay in the pub so I wn't have chance to do any other shopping that day. Stressed? Me? You betcha!
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      Wahoo! I didn't have time for a shopping day but now I'm not going skiing I am going to town for a hour after I've finished singing

      (all my other presents are going to be handmade)
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        Done it all, and all wrapped, don't you just hate people like me!!!! Selina


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          Mines done and dusted too. I did it early so I could avoid the last minute rush, now I've gone and promised my daughter I'll go up the town with her next Friday night, AARRRGH!!! What was I thinking....?
          Gail x

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