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  • Busy Day

    oof, taking a five min break to check emails etc.
    was making up orders all day, had the LONGEST.trip.ever. to the postoffice (the line was out the door) and when i came back at about 5 i decided it was finally THE time to completely tidy my room. i wiiish i had taken a photo before i started, it was just ridiculously messy, and almost every item of clothing i own was piled up outside my door on the landing. my desk was in a similar state. sooo i'm getting there, i think i'll be done within the next hour...was then gonna go on to do the rest of the house but might leave that til tomorrow.

    my mum is away for a couple weeks, my brother is incapable of putting ANYTHING in the bin or wash basket, and my dad has been doing any bit of clothes washing he can find so theres clean clothes in baskets aaaall round the house. ohh and i made a roast last night, using all the pans and have yet to wash them up...gonna be a long night!

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    Sounds like you've had a really busy day.

    I understand what you mean about the clutter cos feel as though my crafting stuff has completely taken over the downstairs of our house (even more than normal lol ) and I can't wait till my last fayre this weekend and then just got some baby cards to make for a friend and I think I might just pack it all away for a couple of months and have a rest.
    Then I can get tore in and completely gut the place and put all the Christmas deccys up.

    Boys are just so stinky aren't they,we have a teenage son and I just kept dumping all his dirty stuff back in his room and eventually he ran out of clean clothes and of course there was a MAD panic, so now he's puts it (most of the time) in the washing basket.


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      Wow, it sounds like you are really busy indeed! I hope you can get all of your cleaning done soon so that you can take a well deserved break!!

      I also, totally understand what you mean about things being cluttered. The spare bedroom in our house is an absolute tip - all you can see is my crafting supplies everywhere lol. I try and keep things tidy the best I can but it doesn't always go according to plan! It seems like my mum is forever hoovering up because of all of the little scraps of paper that I leave on the floor lol. My mum doesn't allow me to craft in the Living Room as she always wants it tidy incase any guests come round - she loves me crafting but hates the mess I make with things (she's a cleaning freak!).

      Am keeping you in my thoughts as you try and tidy the house as I know how frustrating it can be and I hope you get it sorted soon!