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    1. Your favourite christmas film?

    2. What colour is your decoration theme going to be?

    3. What is your favourite christmas tradition? (can be a personal tradition)

    4. What christmas food is your favourite?

    5.What is the worst christmas present you have ever had?

    more questions in a few days!
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    1. It's a Wonderful Life

    2. Don't go for a theme, I love COLOUR and my tree & decs are always multi-coloured

    3. Just the way we do Christmas morning, DD opening her stocking on our bed, then downstairs for a cuppa tea & DD dishes out what's under the tree, breakfast then open the pressies. Love it

    4. Oh so much to choose from, I love all the party food and always have a big spread for Boxing Day tea - yum

    5. A can of de-icer off my ma-in-law, bless! i think she was trying to be practical
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      1. Miracle on 34th street

      2. red gold and green

      3. Having a pillowcase full of presents at the bottom of the bed on xmas morning.

      4. Mince pies

      5. A betterware insulated gravy pot that holds just enough gravy for one person. Although a hamper filled with cheap food ( larder remnants?) including pasta, scotch broth soup, and plain digestive biscuits comes a close second.



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        Your favourite christmas film - SCROOGE

        What colour is your decoration theme going to be - Red, Gold and Green this year but I do like to have different ones now and then.

        What is your favourite christmas tradition - We all open a 'silly' present on christmas eve. This was started way back when my kids were nearing their teens and because I'm such a big kid myself at christmas time I wanted to start a family tradition of our own. Great to know that my kids since being married and have children of their own they have carried it on!

        What christmas food is your favourite - errrr <thinks> chestnuts I think! oh and cranberry sauce.

        What is the worst christmas present you have ever had - bright pink lip gloss from dil

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          1. Your favourite christmas film?

          The grinch

          2. What colour is your decoration theme going to be?

          gold. it always has been. i'm a dab hand with a can of gold spray paint!!

          3. What is your favourite christmas tradition? (can be a personal tradition)

          We always have a family puzzel challange with one of those wooden string puzzle type things. Only one minute each and then pass it on.

          4. What christmas food is your favourite? trifel or mince pies or pickled onions!

          5.What is the worst christmas present you have ever had? second hand make up bag complete with lippy smears!
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            1. Babes in Toyland

            2. Color coordination for me is for clothes, jewelry and interior decoration not Christmas.

            3. Used to hate it but growing up we sat on the stairs and had our first Christmas photo taken in our PJs

            4. Greenbean casserole used to hate i miss it at Holiday time when I am not in the states.

            5.Earrings that I can't wear because my ear holes closed up 10 yrs ago.

            more questions in a few days![/quote]
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              1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
              2. Red green and gold
              3. Blobbing out on the sofa on Boxing Day eating chocs and watching telly
              4. Full Christmas Dinner. Turkey 2 kinds of stuffing cranberry sauce, creamy mashed potatoes, crispy roasties, roasted carrots & parnslips, sprouts and thick thick gravy. Then homemade trifle. I also love mince pies
              5. A 1 lb box of After Eight mints (I hate mint and chocolate yuk!) from someone who has known me for over 30 years and last year a pair of slippers in the wrong size (same person)
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                1. Your favourite christmas film?

                Ummmm.......Shrek? I want to watch Miracle on 34th Street, becuase I haven't seen it before and I think it is on TV this weekend.

                2. What colour is your decoration theme going to be?

                Natural/handmade/eco friendly

                3. What is your favourite christmas tradition? (can be a personal tradition)

                Games, friends and family on christmas night. This year we are all going to my mums, inluding my sisters and their in-laws!

                4. What christmas food is your favourite?

                The christmas dinner mmmmmmmmmm and christmas pudding, and kilted sausages

                5.What is the worst christmas present you have ever had?

                My husband bought me a huge case of make up three years ago
                (I'm allergic to most make up )
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                  1 National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and The Santa Clause
                  2 All different colours - we buy one new tree decoration every year.
                  3 Don't have any.
                  4 Everything really
                  5 Worst present was last year when I had to fill my own stocking because my hubby is useless with that sort of thing.

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                    1) Haven't really got a favourite, but I'm usually forced to watch the great escape!

                    2)All colours! I have small kids and they love the lot! (The more clashing the better!)

                    3)We usually have to go to parents at Xmas, so me and OH usually buy saucy undies for each other and see who gets the most embarressed! (Mother in law and Charlie's nephew last year) We're at home on our own for the first EVER this year but I've still got the undies!!

                    4)Turkey and hellmans sarnies with my mums pickled red cabbage!

                    5)Anything my mil gets me! But my brother in law has had the worst one off her - a lovely pen set with one of the pens missing! (She's resourceful, buys all her pressies at her WI coffee mornings! Makes it more fun, I think, it's always a laugh!)




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                      1. White Christmas
                      2. All colours, never have a theme just add what we like, multi coloured lights etc.
                      3. Opening the gifts after lunch on Christmas Day, a drink and a good film.
                      4. The main meal, we have chicken though not turkey as not a turkey lover, stuffing and all the trimmings.
                      5. A pair of slippers that my gran would have worn, luckily from M & S so I could change, may be a bit ungrateful I know but I am not that old yet.


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                        1. Your favourite christmas film?

                        The Wizard of Oz - not christmassy but its on every year.

                        2. What colour is your decoration theme going to be?

                        Gold - as always.

                        3. What is your favourite christmas tradition? (can be a personal tradition)

                        All the family gather at my parents' house on christmas morning to swap gifts and to have a bacon sarnie. There's usually about 30-40 people there (adults & kids) and every year as our kids grow up, they bring along their current BF/GF so its always bedlam.

                        Since marrying Urbraf 4 years ago and acquiring my own ready-made family, I insist that we have one get together where we are all there - his 2 grown up kids and their partners and my teenager. Sometimes my neice joins us. I cook lots of party food, we drink and play silly games and although the kids always feel that they're doing their duty by me, we always have a great time.

                        4. What christmas food is your favourite?

                        Christmas dinner - I'm the only one in our house that likes sprouts so I rarely cook them any other day of the year.

                        5.What is the worst christmas present you have ever had?

                        A bottle of perfume that was a cheap copy of my favourite designer fragrance.

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                          1) Miracle on 34th street...I'm watching it right now!

                          2) Every colour I can find

                          3) Box of maltesers and other food on christmas eve

                          4) Chipolatas

                          5) I honestly can't remember any bad presents...I'm sure there must have been some but I've obviously wiped it from my mind!


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                            1) Wizard of Oz....if that counts?

                            2) The shop display is gold and I dare say when we get round to decorating the house it'll be gold too this year.

                            3) Love watching the Carols from Kings College on telly a few days before Christmas and singing along (very badly) it feels like Christmas then. Also we always have 'tree presents' after Christmas tea, they are just small pressies my mum buys everyone (I buy hers) I think it stems from when we were really little and got bored by teatime lol.

                            4) My mum's turkey soup she makes a few days after the big day - yum my mouth's watering just thinking about it

                            5) My mil god rest her soul always bought wonderfully naff pressies, she was housebound so bought everything from Bid Up TV...the thought was there bless her.
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                              1.The musical version of oliver

                              2. Anything purple or silver

                              3. My boyfriend and i opening our stocking presents after dinner, as it makes the whole thing last longer!

                              4.I adore christmas dinner, with all the trimmings, sprouts, pigs in blankets, bread sauce!! ( now i feel really hungry!!)

                              5. Playdough cutters in various shapes and sizes,about 20, individually wrapped, even one the size of a 10p piece ( There was me, wondering what treats awaited me in my bulging stocking!!!) I have never used them!