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  • a real pain

    I'm so peed off. Yesterday i finally bit the bullet and began to connect the internet to virgin.
    1. deleted my old providers files and disconnected the internet.
    2. attach this cable to that and then that to another cable, etc etc.

    4 long phone calls later I'm told that my computer doesn't have a neworking card.

    5. Wait for chirs to come back form work. wizz the computer down to a repair shop where the guy tells me we do actually have a network card, but it's not enabled.
    6. the guy enables it and loads down the drivers needed.

    7. come home and attach cables etc.
    8. press button ........ NOTHING HAPPENS.
    9. call virgin again get a lovely guy on the end who phones me back and then tells me I have a problem with norton.

    10. phone norton "if you have a problem getting on the internet there is a tool that can rectify the problem in a coupke of minutes. Simply go to www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx WHAT? I can't get the bloomin internet.
    11. Turn off norton.

    12 connect to virgin. press the button NTHING .... now this is getting beyond a joke. I am 6 hours into setting up.
    13. call the guy at virgin again. he manages after 40 minutes to get me connected.

    14. call norton again and get put through to india where a guy gets onto my computer and spends another hour installing the norton and fixing a fault.

    15. ten o clock last night I'm finally on the internet.

    16. Emails still not working properly.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    What a nightmare, my DH sorts out all our computer probs, a) I'm not technical enough and b) I don't have the patience for when it doesn't work & it would all get thrown out of the window with the air a deep shade of blue!

    I hope you get your emails sorted soon, it's awful to feel out of touch when they're not working
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      You must be so frustrated, Im with Autumn Fairie on this one anything technical I pass over to hubby! Hope it all sorts out for you today.


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        Oh no, what an absolute nightmare!!

        We've had no problems with Virgin but we have had a lot of problems with Norton in the past.

        Hope you get it sorted soon


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          Very glad it wasn't that hard for me to set up internet.
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            think the email is sorted.

            Just got to update all the websites etc.
            full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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              I think Norton likes causing problems. I've taken it off mine now.
              Glad you got it sorted in the end.



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                Awwww - hopefully thay will be the end of it now and you will be back to normal!
                I hate internet/PC problems and as my hubby doesn't have a clue it normally ends up being left to me!
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                  Sometimes it pays to be married to a software development engineer - who has also worked as a mainframe operation, embedded systems engineer, systems analyst etc, etc - you get the picture?

                  Me? I know absolutely nothing about computers!



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                    Norton is useless, it always causes problems, never works properly. If i ever get a computer with it on or am fixing mates computers, i always check for norton first and then remove it. I hate the way it works and everything else about it. I use AVG Free as my anti-virus and iv never had a problem and highly recommend it.

                    Hope this helps

                    Jake x


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                      Norton has brought my laptop to a virtual standstill in the past. It is EVIL and should be stopped. What a nightmare for you. Hope everything stays working now.

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                        Well, three days in, ecerything seems to be working smoothly and well.
                        I can't believe how many people I have to tell about the change of phone number etc.
                        full time mum and very very part time crafter.