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  • Jewellery logo

    Iv been playing around trying to design a logo for my jewellery and came up with this but i cant decide if i like it or not.

    What does everyone here think?



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    I sorta like it but needs tweaking carn't put finger on it though.
    It would also depend on what style of jewelry yoiu are making.
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      I was thinking that, goldy. I like it but if I was looking as a customer I'd assume that you make gothic style jewellery.

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        Hm, It's a lovely design, but a bit dark and gothic. Is it meant to be butterfly wings? just that at first glance I thought it was bat wings! Maybe lift some of the black and add a wee bit of colour? Otherwise, it's great!
        Cathy xx
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          Hmm I would think from the logo that you made gothic jewellery...
          (they look a bit like Halloween Style wings)
          Is "Goth" your Audience?

          Do you have a website already or pictures of your jewellery?
          It might help to give us an idea of where you're going with the logo

          Nice Font

          Nic x
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            lol im now scrapping that logo and going to get one comissioned for me.

            It is bat wings but my audience isnt gothic, maybe some butterfly wings might be better.

            off to have another play


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              i thought about butterfly wings but found some bird wings so here is attempt 2


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                I much prefer the second, however it doesn't scream 'jewellery' at me. I would assume it was something to do with angels if i saw it at a glance. What's your business name? Can you do something with that? I love 'snowgoose' It conjures up to me a cartoony type goose but done in a cool kind of manga way. Good look with it all.
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                  thanks my business name is going to hopefully be "JM Designs",

                  snowgoose is just my nickname so i dont want to use that for business.

                  My full name is Jacob William Marriott, so the business was going to mean Jacob Marriott Designs.

                  I think i will just leave it to the pros and see how much they will charge for one to be created for me


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                    Have you ggogled "JM designs" to see how many others are out there? Sounds popular.
                    "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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                      There do seem to be a lot of J M Designs out there. Jacob Marriott is a great name, very strong and a bit unusual too. Why not use the whole thing and be Jacob Marriott Designs or Jacob Marriott Jewellery? I like it better. J M Designs is a bit anonymous.

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                        I agree with cupcake 'Jacob Marriott Jewellery' sounds a lot more catchy than J M Designs!



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                          Oh yeah play on the Marriot hotel angle sounds very classy.
                          "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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                            lol the problem with using my name is the fact that i dont like it lol,

                            thats why i was going for initials and not my full name

                            Maybe "JM Jewellery"

                            Does that sound any good?


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                              So how did you get the nickname snowgoose?

                              Maybe you could think of something else that JM stands for -
                              Jewellery M........ erm scrap that 'cos I can't think of anything unless you can
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