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    I have had a mission for 5 years now and I've finally achieved my aim.
    My Dad bought Eden a snowglobe when she was lttle. It was beautiful and she loved it. As I was putting it away after christmas I dropped it and broke it. I was devasteted and felt so bad that I decided not to let on about it (yep that seems really silly now) I set about trying to find a replica, i visited the shop where it had been bought, I searched ebay, searched the web and couldn't find a replacement.
    Christmas the year after I pretended to have forgotten to get it out of the loft.
    Christmas 2, I pretended not to be able to find it in the loft.
    Christmas 3, i told M&D that it was upstairs in her room.
    Christmas 4, i explained to Eden what had happened and she started to play along, and all this time I've been searching for the replacement.
    Last week on Ebay, a pair of snowglobes that had a similar theme and were musical came up. I secretly bid on them and won them. They arrived last night, but I hadn't managed to open them until this morning. They are absolutly wonderful. far better than the original (let's hope no one can actually remember what it looked like!) One can replace Eden's and the other will do as a gift for my Dad as he loves penguins!
    I feel extatic. My search is over and I can get on with life.
    I've popped them both into Eden's bedroom cupboard and I can't wait until she opens the cupboard and finds them there.
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    Hehehe, fab story tho I can imagine your anxiety about lying for so long.Im glad you finally found a replacement.

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      I'm glad you finally found a replacement, have you got a piccie?
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        I love snowglobes!

        What a great mum you are... searching for years for a replacement snowglobe!


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          That's great - just don't drop this one this time!
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            awww I love a happy ending!!

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              Next time... own up! It'll save YEARS of guilt

              "Dad I'm really sorry but I dropped that snow globe" would have probably sufficed heh

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                Great ending! And little white lies are fine


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                  Hehe, I'm a terrible fibber, I've tried a few times but within seconds I give up! Glad you found a replacement...relax, deep breathe in and enjoy Christmas!
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                    Awww thats great, bet Eden will be made up with the new globe, I have to admit I adore them too lol
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                      Well done for tracking a similiar one down.

                      I did the same thing with my youngest sons hamster many years ago, I found it dead after he had gone school and not wanting to upset him set out in search of a lookalike one in the local petshops, found one almost the same except it was female and had a bit longer fur...hamster was duly deposited in a now clean disinfected cage and settled in.....that night my son who was about 6 then asked " mummy why is fudge a different colour and has long hair "........... dam I thought I'd done a good job of getting one almost the same , so I told him " fudge has his new winter coat and it has to be thicker to keep him warm" !!! got away with that till my lad was 14 and I confessed
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                        Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
                        I've popped them both into Eden's bedroom cupboard and I can't wait until she opens the cupboard and finds them there.
                        I've got my fingers crossed that she doesn't jump with shock and excitement when she sees them, knocking the cupboard shelf as she does so...
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                          aawww thats a lovely

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