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  • You can see it on TV

    Me and my embroidery colleagues had a great time today choosing thread colours for some kiddies aprons.
    Its exciting because they are going to be on tv.These are the wishy washy pieces of info that I got, Monday 24th(I think its the 24th) of Nov, on ITV or Meridian, maybe the news,the design says Cobbs.
    So if anybody would like to sit watching the tv all day on monday on all channels and let me know how they look id be interested to know.

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    Well done - you must be so excited.

    We have some of our brooches on TV regularly - not that anyone would know they were made by us! One of the ladies that works on the market also works in a hotel in Manchester where some of the cast of Coronation Street stay when they're filming. She acts as a bit of a personal shopper for Blanche on Coronation Street. She bought 3 of our scarf rings for her and we've seen her wearing them on TV. Its a fab feeling but the family think we're nutters cos we jump up and down with excitement when we see them.

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      I'll keep my eyes peeled Seahorse.

      Aunty you don't advertise the fact on your stall Are you mad woman?????
      You should have a big arrow pointing to the items saying as seen on TV.
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