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Ive never been so scared!!

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  • Ive never been so scared!!

    I went to (look at about us/gallery section)at the weekend for a belated birthday celebration.

    Its an assault course in the trees and I had never been so scared.
    It involved climbing up rope ladders to about 30-40 foot up a tree(harnesses were used at all points)jumping off platforms onto rope nets,crossing from tree to tree on what can only be described as wooden swings(treading on the seat bit)getting increasingly stressed as I took each step,crawling through a tube made of slats of wood so as you crawled through you were looking at the ground.
    Each section(there were 5)ended with a zip wire, which I loved in comparison to everything else.A 100yard distance covered at what felt like 80 miles an hour.
    I didnt manage to land facing the end any of the times I went so I was dragged across the floor oon my back which resulted in many a bark chip ending up in my undies.
    I have to admit I took a couple of alternative easy routes but at least I dint miss out any sections.
    I was surprised at how ok I was at jumping off a 40 foot high platform!!Its not a natural thing.

    Im glad i did it but Ive never known a fear like it.

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    At last a picture of you

    your the one in the middle ?


    Well done btw

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      Im hairier than that.

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        I just read that the heights were up to 60 foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Seahorse I am impressed! Well done you!
          I wouldn't even attempt anything like that, I am a total wimp!
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