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  • Bitten!

    Well, as the title suggests, I got bitten; and not in a fun way!

    On my way to work on Saturday, I was bitten by a dog whilst trying to save him from the traffic, he was standing in the middle of a fairly busy road and his ancient old lady owner was getting stressed out and shouting at him, but he wouldn't budge. So I ran across the road, in killer heels I might add, and ushered him to the other side. The stroppy so and so bit me (the dog, not the old lady).

    Drew blood and everything!

    So I got a pretty pink barbie plaster, worked my shift and then went to A&E for a tetanus and some antibiotics. It is bloody sore too! (by the way, the boss did want me to go straight to A&E but I insisted on finishing the day)

    Last time I rescue anything from the traffic! Ungrateful dog!

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    Oh what an ungrateful mut... but bet the little old lady was pleased !


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      Oooh ouch! Hope you'll be feeling better soon.
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        I got bitten by a squirrel a while back. I was on a driving lesson & it was in the middle of the road, & I'm sorry I'll stop for anything & I told my pupil to stop & we reversed back & I picked it up & it sunk its teeth in, I tried to drop it but it clung on for a while, when it did drop I picked it up again & yet more blood & then my pupil picked it up & he got bitten. We were both dripping blood so we had to end the lesson & both go & have the jabs. At the docs they thought it was very funny & the thing with tetnus jabs it was in the behind & it was painful. I still have the scars but I'd probably do the same thing again. I can't not help an animal in distress.
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          I should think the dog was frightened. But well done you for being a good samaritan and rescuing it.

          BTW You should have gone to A&E straight away.

          Hope you feel better soon.


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            told my story & forgot to say, well done for the rescue & I hope the throbbing stops soon.
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              Thats the thanks you get eh? well done anyway, hope you feel better soon...


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                Hope your feeling better soon xx



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                  he he he, it's the dog you should be worried about, no one took him to A&E for his jags.......

                  Yeah, he was probably terrified, I don't blame him, I blame the owner for having him off the lead.


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                    last time i tried to save an animal i was bitten aswell.
                    it was only a tiny mouse my cat was about to devour so i grabbed it to take to the safety of the bottom of the garden, but it bit me (granted it was probably more terrified of me than the cat) and was hanging off my finger until it decided it was time to let go. i had no choice but to leave it with the cat. IT MADE IT'S CHOICE!


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                      I'll bet the poor dog was absolutely petrified in the middle of the road and didn't know what was fully going on so their instinct is to attack but I'm sorry to hear that you were injured while trying to do the right thing.

                      I agree with who'ever said about the owner being at fault... it's bad enough when you're in a park or something and dogs are running around with their owners having no control over them but at the side of a road you would think people would have more sense than to let their dogs run free

                      This actually reminds me of an incident a few months ago when I was out in the car with hubby, we went round quite a sharp corner on a busy road and some guy had his dog on one of those extendable leads and it ran out into the road just as we turned the corner towards it - it was at like an 'S bend' in the road and hubby had to swerve to avoid running over the dog, but another car came in the opposite direction and nearly hit us. Hubby turned the car round and went back to speak to the dog owner, who told hubby to '**** off' he was not in the wrong for having his dog run into the road and if hubby was a better driver then he would have anticipated it happening. Needless to say I saw red and jumped out of the car (much to hubby's upset) and shouted abuse at the guy telling him that it was people like him who gave dog owners a bad name, to which he replied what he does with his dog is none of our business and if he chooses to let it run on the road he will... it became obvious that he was under the influence of either drink or drugs but it really upset me as not only was he putting his pets life in danger but also the lives of innocent motorists. Sorry to rant - as you can tell this still angers me