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Totally fed up!!!!

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  • Totally fed up!!!!

    Have just been on a two day conference, which was OK i suppose, learnt some stuff, met some good people did some things again (as you always expect at these sort of event).

    Got back shattered tonight only to check my emails to find yet more problems that need dealing with and no time back in the office to do them in the next week or so. Why is it that all jobs seem to end up this way?

    Am fed up of the whole job thing but am stuck with this for now, not sure how i am going to get through the next few months, particularly with Christmas coming.

    Life sucks!

    "You only retire when you stop doing something you don't like and start doing something you do..."

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    A mate of mine, with a medium sized company once offered me a spare place at a 3 day marketing course free, I have never slept so much in my life
    All the guys from his company did was moan about the work that was backing up at work.
    And most of the guys I was with knew more about marketing than the prats running the course


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      poor you Ashbee

      I think the most important thing to do when you have a job that sucks is to make sure you have defined "time out" from work and work related stress....

      after a certain time of day tell yourself you are no longer working,thinking about work,worrying about work etc.
      make the words " it is just my job they do not own me" your mantra
      be positive and tell yourself that all the extra work/stress etc is experience and will stand you in good stead when you feel ready to move on
      work on your hobby every day even if its only for 20mins,fab way to de-stress

      if ever you want to rant and rave and let off steam my p.m box is always open
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        I think that is why I work for me!!
        I do have to worry about paying the bills, but at least I know it is only me to blame when things go wrong!

        Yes, I agree with Beckyboo.
        Try going into work all focussed on just work and then at the end of the day focus on you and your home life!!
        I know this may be easier said than done, but it may just help to channel more energy into your day, if you know that at the end of it you can relax.
        All the best anyway



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          I have been there as they say and I know how frustrating it is. Sometimes you get to the point where you only have time to be reactive and no time to be proactive. For me that was the point at which I decide to go freelance and although I worked really hard I knew it was all down to me and I reaped the rewards. Life is too short to be doing a job that doesn't float your boat.


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            Thanks for all your thoughts guys. I think I really do need to work for myself but due to home circumstances can't give up this job for another 6 months (which I am planning to do). It just seems a long way away.

            It's a difficult time at the moment for me as my dad died last Christmas so that is on my mind too - how to get through the first christmas with my mum kids and DH etc.

            Just all a bit on top of me for now. Am working from home today (when not on here!) as I can't face the office. Hope to feel a bit more up beat tomorrow.

            "You only retire when you stop doing something you don't like and start doing something you do..."


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              Aww hope you're feeling a bit brighter soon, you're in a difficult position with work but 6 months will pass surprisingly quickly & hopefully then you'll be able to leave.

              So sorry to hear about your dad, of course you'll all miss him this Christmas, it's a tough time of year when you've lost someone.

              big ((hugs)) & keep your chin up
              "Human beings, who are almost remarkable in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so" - Douglas Adams

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                your bound to miss your dad,we all take our parents to much for granted and don't realise the massive hole they leave in our lives when they are gone.
                I lost my daughter 17 years ago ,I still miss her terribly. My grieving lasted many years and went through many stages.
                It doesn't get better but it does get easier and in time your'e left with just the happy memories .
                Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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                  awwww ((((hugs )))))xxx

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