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  • Full time work and your website

    My website is going well and i am waiting for more supplies so i can make more items to sell on it. Im really enjoying setting this up and cant wait for it to go live. I have no misconceptions about it though. I dont expect to make a fortune!

    I work p/t at the moment. Its not well paid and only 10hrs a week. OH and i are basically living off his wage, which isnt a bad one. We are comfortable and can afford the odd dinner out and such. If i had a full time job we would be more than comfortable!

    But, when i get a full time job i will not have half as much time to do what im doing now. And i find that quite distressing! I manage to fill my days well with a mix of house work and website stuff and making things. But i cant kid myself that it will produce half as much money as a 'real' job will.

    OH is happy with me doing as im doing now. He is also happy if i want to get a job. There is one that i am thinking of applying for now that will require a lot of dedication and time and im loath to think of giving up my precious jewellery time. Im doing a silver smith course after christmas and would love for this to be fulltime!

    For people who have a fairly 'serious' website do you work f/t too? How do you do it!?

    Maybe i need to find a better p/t job with more money and hours?
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    I went part-time when my website started making sales and eventually left work completely so I could give the dedicated service my website customers expected. I now also have a 'real life' shop but that's another story. It was a real life choice doing what I did as I don't make anywhere near as much money as when I was working full-time but luckily my hubby is supportive and we're just about managing - and I'm a million times happier . I was actually earning a significant amount more than hubby when I was employed and he sometimes jokingly says (at least I think he's joking ) I should go back to work and he'll run the shop.

    Sounds like you have a really supportive OH which makes such a difference.
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      Well done for starting your website, I haven't got that far yet but am getting there! I think when you are a 'crafty' person you have to make a decision (if you have the luxury to) as to whether you want the money a full time job brings or whether you would prefer to earn less and enjoy your crafts.

      I changed from a very stressful full time job to one that allows me to spend more time with my kids. Despite losing a big income andthe prestige I have found that I've done more craft/art stuff in the past 6 months than I had done in the previous 3yrs!

      "You only retire when you stop doing something you don't like and start doing something you do..."


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        You've got to do what makes you happiest, it's all well and good having a ft job and lots of money but could it buy you the happiness you'd get from crafting? It sounds like you have a great situation and supportive hubby so just go where your heart leads you! (to the craft cupboard!)

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          If you are happy doing what you are doing, can afford not to work and your OH is willing to support you in that, then why change? I gave up work when I had my son and was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home. My DH is happy either way but I definitely think that he is happier when I'm happy so for me that means making jewellery and playing around at other crafty stuff. Besides it enables my son to get to his beloved badminton training & tournaments as I am available to run him around.


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            yes i'd say if the support is already there from you OH and his income, and he's definately happy for it to continue like that then you should do what makes you happiest and stick with your jewellery.
            you never know, it might eventually take off because of all the extra time you've had to put into it and end up earning a decent wage from that!
            good luck with whatever you decide


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              I work full time in a demanding and stressful job with quite a lot of travelling at times and getting up at stupid times to catch trains.....

              And I maintain a website and blog - but I don't advertise but it keeps me quite busy and I manage to make stuff in the evening but I need to plan my time wisely and work out how long things will take me before I commit to a card commission etc. Plus I do the odd craft fair here and there which takes up a lot of time for preperation.

              Usually when I think I'm going to have a night off, I get a large website order and I have to get making!!!

              I'm happy with how I manage as I find it relaxing so if your other half is supportive and you are happy why look for full time work or more hours?!


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                I work from home full time doing what makes me happiest, crafting, broke but happy is our motto. Both DH and I worked until Feb this year then took the plunge we may have little income but it is fun making the money stretch when shopping and having the time to look for bargains, before I just used to whiz around the shelves plucking anything off and never giving the cost a thought. It certainly brings things into perspective and makes you realise what is important in this world.


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                  D'you know what? Reading all your posts about how happy crafting makes you, I'm just a teensy wee bit jealous....

                  I am self-employed, with an OH who works abroad, a four-year old, three cats and a pup. *sigh*

                  So it is a rare moment where I get time to sit and make any jewellery or cards, or paint. And I miss it when I haven't done anything for a while.

                  However, I also love my job - and contrary to those who think being self-employed is easy, it's not ! You end up working more hours than a "full time" employee, and it's very easy to forget there is a world beyond your computer screen.

                  However, I will really make an effort to do more crafty things. And for those of you who have had the nerve and skill to set up a webstire or stall or shop - YOU GIVE HOPE TO PEOPLE LIKE ME. Thank you x
                  With love,
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                    Thing is i know iv got it good at the moment and i feel a bit guilty! Iv just left uni and everyone else (parents/siblings, OHs parents) think i should be working f/t and stop having OH support me! I even majorly fell out with my sister as she said i was a spoilt b***h and i should stop mooching off of OH (we arnt married so i think that has something to do with it)

                    Im only just starting up my website. Things will be slow for a while and there is this specific job that wont come up again for a while. Its with the SSPCA as an ambulance driver. Its a job iv been waiting for for ages and one has come up in my area. As my OH says i can apply for it, i can even go to the interview and even get offered the job. But i dont need to take it or think about if il get it until then, so id may as well apply.

                    Its the sort of job i would have loved 6 months ago but leaving uni gave me a break from all that pressure and i feel my brain has stopped working at that level! So im not sure i want to leave the security of my spare bed room lol!
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                      I know how you feel. My family have been telling me for ages that I need a full time job. I have three part time jobs which all add up to 33hours a week, so I applied for a full time job, and I was offered it, so whilst I work my notices, I am filling in any spare hours at my new job!
                      On top of all that, two nights a week I do voluntry work. I have a couple of fairs coming up, but I can't bear to think about them because I am so tired I just sit down and put the 'puter on!

                      I hope that once I start full time evrything will settle down, and I'll be able to just get on with everything (It is scary to think about f/t though, don't you think?!)
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                        In all honesty if it is the job you have been waiting for go for it. If you get it an don't like it after 6 months find another part time job and give it up.

                        I worked as a part time cleaner I couldn't get work in the field I was trained in (Screen printing. Everything had changed to machine printing I was only trained in manual.) I took the cleaning jobs as a stop gap ended up doing it for 12 years.

                        A job came up in my area as an After school club and playsheme craft co-ordinater. I went for the job not expecting to get it. I ended up doing it for 3 years. loved it till I had to leave for health reasons. If I hadn't had gone for it I would be still kicking myself now.

                        You can still poter with your crafting in the evening and weekends.

                        OOHHH that was a long post for me. sorry
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                          If it's a job you think you'll enjoy and have been interested in for a while I'd say go for it. Otherwise you might always wonder 'what if...?' If you get it and you're not happy, you know you can manage without it so you could always go back to full time crafting with a part time job?

                          If I had the choice I would craft full time!!! I work to live, not the other way round. For some people it's their day job that fulfills them, for me it pays the bills! But it al very much depends on the individual. I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to craft part time and work part time. Natty Netty is my inspiration as she used to do the same job as me!

                          I think the comments on this thread have been extremely accurate and inspiring. I think at the end of the day you need to decide which will make you happiest! Whether that's to continue as you are now or go for the job is your own decision...
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                            I Think it's a good idea to go through the interview process and see how far you go. I did that last year - got right through to the final interview stage of a graduate job, but got pregnant and had to pull out. (not quite the same I know!)

                            Even so, once I had my daughter ,I have given up a good job in HR with a Gov organisation on order to try and make a go of crafting full time. My website is nearly ready to go love and then we'll see.

                            My OH is supportive, and we just about manage, but I'm giving it until Sept next year to see how much I make and might have to go back to normal work!!

                            Might be worth asking if they will take you on part time?


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                              Yeah this job as part time would be good. But im not sure if its the sort that offers part time. It seems pretty intense and i would need to do some training in animal first aid. Its been 4 years since i last did anythng like that!

                              I think il apply and see how it goes. I always jump the gun and say what if i get this job, how will my life change......and then i dont get it and im disappointed! Lol! Cant be pleased
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