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Late Christmas this year??

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  • Late Christmas this year??

    Now, I am a Christmas lover, and believe that Christmas starts when the shops start selling - so normally I get the Xmas album out in early Sept and sing my way right through to December!

    But this year, the shops seem to be slacking - My local Woolly's has barely got anything and most places seem to be only just finishing their displays.

    Is this the same all over the country?

    I'm very disheartened, as will have a shorter Christmas jollying period this year.


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    our town's had the decs up for two weeks now and all the shops have their christmas trees up

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      Debenhams in Stirling had some Christmas gifts out on sale in August
      The main lights don't usually go on here till the middle of November anway so we're not behind yet. BHS have done the same as last year and halved the price of their christmas cards and wrapping paper already!


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        We've got our Xmas decs in our local town centre up now. Last Tuesday I was in Lakeside with my daughter and they had theirs up too.

        I think everyone is feeling the pinch though. I guess it all depends on the individual shop on how low a price they can go to entice the shoppers to part with their ever decreasing money.

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          I think it could be a good year to stock up on some bargins if you've got the spare cash!


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            All the local supermarkets have had the xmas food for sale since the end of the school holidays. Obviously hoping we will all buy it and eat it way before xmas and then buy more.
            Most of the shops round here have their decorations up now.
            I always make it a rule never to buy my first present before the 1st Dec, and my last present is always bought on xmas eve. It's usually a basic present that I can get anywhere so I forget about it while I'm concentrating on the 'awkward to buy for' people.



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              There seems to be a lack of Christmas decorations in our local shops so far, though I know the main Christmas lights are being switched on at the end of the week. I think everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment but hopefully rhe Christmassy feeling will start soon!


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                There's a night club near my house that has had their christmas tree lit up for over a month now!
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                  On that note, I know I said that there is not much in the shops, but 3!! houses in the next street have their decs up already!

                  I thought putting mine up on the first December was early! Only 20 days to go