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Migraines have a good point

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  • Migraines have a good point

    I knew there had to be a ballance somewhere
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    I'm sure my husband (who suffers from migraines regularly) will be pleased to hear this

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      I'll try & remember to be positive when I have my next one.
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        An interesting article but I can assure you that breast cancer is the last thing on my mind when I'm dealing with a pounding headache, nausea, cold/hot sweats, flashing lights before my eyes etc etc.

        Have to say that I don't have them very often now as I tend to recognise the warning signs so I just go to bed and sleep it off (one of the advantages of having a grown up family) but when I was younger there were times when, as a single parent, I'd have to phone my parents to come and take my little one to their house so I could curl up in bed for anything up to 3 days sometimes! I've also stopped drinking coffee as that was one of my triggers. Others are cheese, chocolate and (strangely) anything orange but only if I eat any of them when I'm really tired so I can usually manage to keep attacks at bay these days.

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          I agree. I'm still getting between 3 and 5 every month and I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.
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            Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
            I agree. I'm still getting between 3 and 5 every month and I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.
            Gosh - that's a lot. Matt has been getting them about twice a week for the past few months and that combined with his inner ear infection (which he is still off work with) made him go to the doctors. He is hoping to be put on beta blockers to help with them. Could you get something like that?? I get one every so often but my face goes numb with mine - not pleasant.
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              very interesting ,I've had migraines all my life , now they seem to be worse when I'm due on and just after and they were horrendous for the brief time I was on the pill
              I'll try and be positive as well next time i'm having one while I'm sobbing and being sick and can't blink without feeling like somebody is bashing the front of my head in with a jackhammer,lol
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                Well, I'm glad they have their 'up' side, at least I won't be suffering for nothing! I was getting them everyday, a few months ago, they are just sooo horrid . My doctor will only prescribe a few Zolmitriptan and nothing else will touch them. I'd be interested to know what works best for everyone else?

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                  I've had the zols and they work for a while and then seem to stop. I've tried migraleve and at one stage the doctor would give me an injection of something when they started if I could get to the surgery quick enough.
                  I'm currently waiting for an appointment with a spe******t. TBH the most effective thng would be a couple of days sleep after being thououghly sick but hey ho, that's a mums life for you!!!

                  Good to know that there may be a positive side to it all
                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                    ...but they do apparently increase the likelihood of stroke and heart disease, so it's not all great! Oh, and they hurt a lot when the headache kicks in, so I don't see the advantage at all.

                    I get them occassionally, tend to use nurofen at the moment and thats worked all but once, when I had to go home from work and spent the rest of the day in bed.
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