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  • Car advice needed.....

    Hello everyone!

    Firstly, I am more of a lurker than a poster, but you all have such good advice so I thought I would ask you all your opinion (see the buttering up there!)

    Please feel free to advise me on the following, I would really appreciate it!

    We recently bought a used car from Arnold Clark, an 02 Nissan Primera

    8th October - we picked the car up

    15th October - the car broke down, and wouldn't start. Eventually Arnold Clark picked it up, fixed it and we went to pick it up again. Now, I know it sounds as if we are moaning but Arnold Clark is 35 miles away, a bus journey of a hour and then we have to get a taxi as well, as they are slightly out of town!

    Today (3rd November) as I was driving down the road, as you do, the drivers window just FELL OFF. Seriously, just fell off. I didn't touch it, I was driving at 20 MPH, and it just fell off. It fell inside the drivers door, and hasn't smashed, which I suppose is something. Anyway, Arnold Clark are of course shut early on a Monday! and after talking to the police we have been able to move it into our next door neighbours drive. This was really kind of them, they have parked their own car behind ours but their son has had to park on the street!

    I am going to play merry hell with Arnold Clark tomorrow, and they are liable to fix it as we have had the car less than a month (just). BUT, I'm not sure, I'm really worried that in another week something else is going to go wrong and we will have to pay money we simply don't have!

    What would you do???? Would you get it fixed, or would you tell them to stuff their car, get your money back (I'm not even sure if I can do that) and get another car.

    Any advice REALLY appreciated We just don't know what to do next!
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    does this help any?

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      Personally I would try a forum which deals with car break downs

      Good Luck


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        Originally posted by Pagan View Post

        Thanks for that, I am trawling through a load of them online, but that one looks really helpful!
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          You must have some sort of warranty on the car !
          Sounds as though his taken you for a mug , sorry but I would want my money back & tell him to stuff his car were the sun don't shine .
          Good luck


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            My DH bought me an ex-dem car last year which was great for about a week. Then it suddenly cut out leaving me in on a slip road onto the A46. Luckily my husband managed to get it off road and we were able to "limp" it to the garage who gave us a courtesy car. Having fixed and returned it the same thing happened a week later and the garage sent somebody out to get it. After the third break down I refused to accept the car back. They found me an alternative and had it brought down from Liverpool and delivered to me. It even had sat nav installed so I was especially pleased with the result!


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              I haven't got the foggiest idea about cars but I know a man who has!

              Urbtaf knows his cars very well indeed and he reckons . . .

              Things like that happening to a 6 year old car would make him suspicious as to what repairs its had done previously. He advises you should contact a local bodyshop and ask them to have a look at it and assess if they think its been seriously damaged. It will cost you but if it has had any serious damage, you should have no trouble getting your money back on the car or a replacement car - if you have evidence all you need to do is mention the Trading Standards and the motor trade will quake in their boots if they're up to anything underhand.

              You could also do an HPI check which will cost you. This check is normally only done to see if there are any outstanding hire purchase agreements on the vehicle but it will also disclose if the car has been the subject of an insurance claim.

              Hope this helps.

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                Hi there,

                My OH says cars are like women but he's never brave enough to elaborate on that!!

                Did you maybe try and open your window the other day when it was icy?
                It really is frustrating when you have a car that lets you down, that's 1 reason why it's always better to buy from a local garage if you can. I would ask where you stand regarding a refund or a swop and I would also push for a courtesy car while yours is in for repair. If you don't get any satisfaction I would think about getting an RAC inspection done on it and see what that shows up and if there is anything untoward on it, take that up with the garage too.
                A.Clarke are a big group so at least there will be a 'chain of command' and you can take things further up the line if that particular garage doesn't help you.
                Best Wishes,



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                  Arnold Clark are a big firm with a good reputation, it's highly unlikely that an insurance job car has passed through their checks - keep on at them and you should, most likely, be able to have another car.
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                    Hello everybody

                    After taking the advice everyone has given and phoning a couple of helplines, I phoned Arnold Clark (the man laughed, I mean LAUGHED ) anyway, they are going to fix the car for free this afternoon, so I am REALLY looking forward to the drive down in the freezing cold with only a plastic bag to keep out the wind!

                    Thanks for all the help and advice
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                      I would think that the Sale of Goods Act (1975) still applies - if you can argue that the item is not fit for purpose, then you are entitled to your money back.

                      If it were me, I would be demanding my money back - threaten going to the press if all else fails, or depending on how much you have shelled out look at the small claims court and sue for the costs you have incurred so far plus the cost of the car and give it back.
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                        This sounds very familiar; except I was treated even worse!

                        (not arnold clark)

                        There was something wrong with my clutch two weeks after getting the car; so I phoned them and I had to take the car back and demonstrate to the mechanic that I knew how to use it! (c'mon guys I know I am a woman, but seriously it's demeaning having to drive a mechanic around the block demonstrating how I change gear.....)

                        After managing to convince them (3 trips to the garage) that there was something wrong, they took it apart (left me carless for 3 days whilst they did) and told me it would be £500 to fix as the clutch plate was worn away!

                        My very feisty office manager sorted it for me and I did not end up having to pay for it; but still!

                        That is the second dud I have had in a row - I think I have a sign on my head saying "sell me your rubbish!"

                        Rant over..... hope you get it sorted and trading standards is the way forward