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  • Dressing up

    Is anybody dressing up at work tomorrow?
    It seems people may be at my work.Ive found my stripey black and white socks so I can be the Wicked Witch of the West but thats all Ive got.I threw away my sparkly red shoes.Il just wear black for the rest of the outfit, no change there.

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    We're having a Halloween party tomorrow night but I've still no clue what to dress up as lol.


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      I don't work and I don't think the cows will appreciate it somehow
      My 6ft tall son came home on friday wearing a cerise pink boiler suit that he had been wearing all day to support breast cancer. He works in a farm supply place so there were lots of people shopping there. He actually looked quite good in it as well.



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        I've got tomorrow off work - yay, sit at home and relax! I think people are supposed to be wearing pink tomorrow here at work.
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          Not doing anything at work - the ward generally only dresses up at Christmas time.

          My son is going to his Halloween disco tonight as "Buckethead". He's got the KFC bucket and the white mask going to ask my dance teacher for a long wig. My daughter is going as a bat tomorrow I think.



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            If I had my way, the only thing I'd be wearing tomorrow would be my duvet...

            Bah Humbug !
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              We are going to a friends for Halloween tea tomorrow, my four year old Sam is going as a Vampire and my two year old Tom is going to be a Pumpkin. I might be a witch. We are having a Birthday/halloween/fancy dress party on Sunday for Sam's fifth birthday so we're all dressing up then!!

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                Judging by the looks I get when I walk out of the house people round here think I dress up everyday We don't really do Halloween but I'm sure that when the girls older we will have to go trick or treating.
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                  T...t...t...t..tooo c.....c.....cccold to p...pput outfitttt o...on!!! Brrrrrr
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                    I dont really do halloween either but my sister is having a party that we'v been made to go to. Its not full fancy dress but i have a witches hat. Im going shopping todat for a new top or even a skirt and top!! I never wear skirts so that might be enough of a dress up for me lol!
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                      I'm not dressing up but I spent yesterday evening altering a black mini rara skirt for my 16 stone 6 foot 2 18 year old son to wear out tonight...he is going out on the town as powder puff girl !!

                      he even shaved his armpits for the night,lol ....
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