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  • Warning!!

    My hubby is on another (car) forum and has asked me to post a message everywhere that I can...

    We, being Myself the Mrs and the 4 kiddies have come back from a cold but great day out at knowesley Safari Park to find out Back door Lying wide open!

    Upon further investigation it turns out We Have been robbed.

    They have taken my PS3, DVD Player, The Kids Nintendo Wii, My Laminator and Vinyl cutter, My old Mobile phone ( Nokia N95 ), our New £800 Acer Laptop, and my Sons Laptop from school, and My White Staffy Pup.

    We have money in a safe which is very well hidden, They didnt get that, my Mrs is an Ann Summers Rep so theres always money about, plus the deposits for the RR day are in there

    Im ****** Off, this close to crimbo as well !

    Beware everybody the Robbing Scum is On the Prowl !
    As you can imagine the whole family are very upset about this, especially the fact their Staffy puppy has been stolen and could end up 'who knows where' so if you have any information or see anythiing you think might be connected to this then please please please let someone know... games consoles and computers can be replaced, a puppy can't!!

    This has happened in the Oldham area of Lancashire so if anyone sees or is offered anything suspicious please report it to the police or pm me so I can let the lad know.

    Thanks a lot.

    LJ x
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    oh this is awful. I was burgled while I was in bed a few years ago, it stays with you for a long time.

    I know it's just things but when you have kids it's hart breaking for them, and that poor puppy, it makes me want to cry.

    I wish there was something we could do xx


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      oh god! thats terrible ! I mean, all those other things can be replaced but your poor puppy! The wee soul must have been terrifed!!!!


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        Terrible! Glad you weren't in the house at the time. Was anyone else in your area burgled? Hope you get some good news about your puppy soon.
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          It's a friend of hubby's who was burgled and as yet they haven't heard of anyone else in the area being broken into but we just feel so useless that there isn't anything we can do to help - it's heartbreaking. xx


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            oh my goodness, that's awful. I hope they at least have the decency to look after the wee pup.

            These people are just the scum of the earth - they have no idea of the long lasting effects this has on people.

            When we were burgled years ago I just couldn't settle after it so we moved, it's such a horrible feeling.


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              My mum was once washing up in the kitchen with the backdoor open and a man just walked in and grabbed her handbag off the counter!!!! He legged it down the road before my dad could catch him. The cheek of some people!
              I hope this family gets their belongings back, especially the dog. I work in a nursery and the guinea pig was stolen out of the garden a few weeks ago, it was awful having to tell the children that he had disappeared.
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                We had an email from Lee at 5am this morning to tell us that the puppy has been found!! Apparently a woman found the Staffy pup wandering the street about four miles away from their house where he was stolen from, the woman took the dog into the local vet's who scanned him (thank goodness for microchipping!!!) and phoned the family to go and collect puppy


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                  Oh what a relief - they really must have been heartbroken when he got stolen.

                  We have two cats and one pup, and I would be devestated if any of them were taken.

                  I am so pleased he was found and returned - as said before, "things" can be replaced, but loved ones can't.
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                    Daisy, I feel exactly the same, as does Lee - as he says a few months without a games console might do the kids some good.

                    It is such a huge relief to have puppy back home where he belongs now - you know what it's like, animals are part of the family and are missed as much as a person when they're not there.

                    Thank you for everyone's supportive messages... I just hope that nobody else has to go through this.


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                      oh what an awful story, I am glad to hear the pup is back safe though, that's the important thing, everything else can be replaced.

                      Damn those horrible people - let's hope karma takes its course xx

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                        How dreadful, it has to be the lowest of lowlife that would take a puppy from its home. So glad its been found. I too have suffered at the hands of thieves, drug addicts actually. After a few quick fixes I suppose but its hard to live with for a long time.
                        God helps them that help themselves.