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  • Model Trains (Is this allowed)

    Not sure if this is allowed, and if it isn't then please feel free to remove it (I don't want to be getting in any trouble)

    You see the thing is, my other half has decided that he is finally going for his HGV licence, and as a result needs some pennies! So has alse decided that if he goes driving, then he is not going to have the time for his model railway.

    So as a result he is selling it all up. We sold the first lot of trains last week, and the final lot went up on Ebay last night, they range from steam trains, intercitys, and some coaches/carriages and they are all 00 gauge (scale is 1:76)

    Most of them will probably sell for less than he paid for them, so perhaps some good bargains for Christmas? All have been well looked after and have hardly been used, and there are a couple that he stripped down ready to repaint them.

    I won't post his Ebay id here, in case that is a step too far, but if anyone is wanting details then please feel free to get in touch with me.

    I do hope that I am not going to get shot by a board mod/admin for this