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  • Hair cut!

    Okay it might not sound that exciting, but..............
    I'm having my all my hair cut off tomorrow, at the moment it is really long, it's down to my elbows, and i'm having it cut to my shoulders! At least then it'll only take me half an hour to get ready instead of two hours!
    Last time it was this long, I had it cut straight to a bob and it was hideous! I hope it goes okay this time
    Has anyone else ever had a bad haircut?
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    when i was pg with my son (14 years ago ) my hair was so long i could sit on it. I walked into the hairdressers one day and told them to cut it all off - it was an inch all over by the time she'd finished - i kept telling her 'shorter'. She was just about in tears by the time we'd finished lol. I was really happy with it until the next day and spent a month in tears lol

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      Oh no! I don't think I will go that short! Unless she gets carried away when we are having a natter!
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          Pagan's story reminded me of when I was pregnant with my son (now almost 18).

          Before I was pregnant my hair was waist length, cut into really long layers and was permed - kinda wild rock-chick style. I loved it and it was always in great condition even though it was permed cos I never messed about with it, didn't need to really. Anyway, as soon as I discovered I was pregnant my hair just died on me. I got up one morning about a month into my pregnancy and my hair had turned into straw overnight I was horrified as I couldn't even get a comb through it. Over the next 4 weeks I spent a small fortune in Boots trying all the expensive conditioning treatments that promised to work miracles but didn't so I eventually made an appointment with my hairdresser to have it cut.

          I sat in the chair and she picked up a strand of my hair and held it above my head with the scissors poised, asking how short I wanted it - after she'd asked me what on earth I'd done to it to get it in such bad condidtion! She moved the scissors closer and closer towards my head and I just kept saying "shorter" until they were about an inch from my scalp when I said "there". Four other women in the salon gasped so loudly and one even shouted "Why? You must be mad having all those beautiful curls cut off!" I explained why I was having it cut so short and my hairdresser said it was the best thing I could do in the circumstances. I ended up with a haircut so short I was almost un-recognisable and I went home and cried for days. 6 weeks later I was back for another haircut as it was still like straw but after that it seemed to come back to life again.

          The funny thing was that by the time I gave birth about 5 months later, my hair had grown so quickly that it was back down the middle of my back with my beloved curls (courtesy of another perm). And then when my son discovered it when he was about 6 months old it was all cut off again and kept short for a couple of years.

          These days I prefer to keep it just longer than shoulder length (so I can scrape it up and hide it on a bad hair day). I've tried all sorts of lengths and styles over the last few years - mainly due to my neice training as a hairdresser and needing a model but she's qualified now so I can keep it this length without her interferring.

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            My hair grows like wild fire! I haven't had it cut in so long, but I trim it myself every so often.
            It's just got so long and unmanagable, I really new some more layers, and it thinning out a bit.
            We have a new little girl at nursery (just turned two, aww) she discovered my long hair and hasn't left it alone since. We were making spooky pictures with spider sequins, so the children decided it would be funny to put them in my hair to scare me; picking them out didn't help the condition of it!

            Sorry SusieQ I don't have access to a camera tonight so I can't take a before photo (I'm a little relieved, it is shocking) I'll take an after photo though
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              From someone who has been hairdressing for 25 years now (gulp! is it that long!!!) the only thing I would say is 'be exactly sure how much you want off!' Unfortunately as good as we all like to think we are, we can't put it back! Sounds like you know what you are doing though so lots of luck and don't forget the piccies, Selina


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                Okay I know you're a professional, so don't tell me off, but I though back to the last professional haircut that I had..........I was doing jury duty and they let me go early so I called in the hairdressers on the off chance.........that was back in May

                I just haven't had time since, that is why I trim the ends myself
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                  I wish I had your problem. I'd love long hair again. Used to have it shoulder length and then about 10 years ago I had it permed and highlighted (yes I know!) and then a week later had to have it all chopped off short back and sides style! I just can't seem to get it past my collar now...ho hum. Good luck for tomorrow Louise and I hope you're happy with your hair when you come out
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                    Thanks, I hope so too
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                      you know what? it grows back! plus, if you hate it that much, you could wear a hat

                      My hairdresser in Australia loved me, i used to go in and say "do whatever you fancy" and they did as they knew I didn't really care, i ended up with purple hair, red hair (like fire engine red), bleached hair, black hair, short, long.... it was awesome!

                      I went to the rainbow rooms in Glasgow before my holiday and just said, "yeah, do whatever" and they got scared and confused.... I said "don't worry, it will grow back" confused them more, but I did get a fab haircut!


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                        can't wait to see what you have done.

                        I have really short hair. Grade 3 clippers. I did it because I'd had two miscarries and then carried to term. In total I'd been pregnant for over a year in sucession and it didn't agree with my hair. I had sholuder legnth at the thime and it was very straight. I asked the hairdresser to cut it off really short and I just loved what he did.
                        It's really easy to manage and shows my jewellery off fantastically.

                        I know that a lot of people were realy shcocked when I had it done, but I never looked back. My mum still hates it (13 years on).
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                          i have really long hair,and in desperate need of a good cut at the mo !

                          over the years i've had every style going and every colour including platinum blonde but I think my most drastic was when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer,I had hair that I could sit on at the time, I walked into a hairdresser and asked her to keep cutting till I told her to stop...the poor girl was terrified and very very upset about cutting it all off
                          I ended up with a 1 inch buzz cut all over and didn't regret it at all.
                          I love Victoria Beckhams latest style but don't have the cheekbones to carry it off,lol
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                            I have the photos, give me a few mins to load them onto my computer
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                              I didn't go too short, I was scared by everybodys' stories

                              I like it, it took two minutes to straighten as well (I can use that extra half hour to lie in now!)
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