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  • purplemac
    Poor you, it must seem a bit like their getting divorced. I haven't got to that stage yet, my eldest is only six, but my brother split up with one of his girlfriends and her mum was REALLY upset and had a go at my mum about him being so insensitive!

    You never know, they might stay good friends and 'rediscover' each other. Sounds like they've realised they're being grown up.

    Take care,

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  • sunrise
    started a topic things no one tells you

    things no one tells you

    no one warns you that when your son brings home a lovely girlfriend and then 2 years down the line they decide to ' have a break ' as they think they're too young to settle down ( which I know is sensible ) that you will feel so upset as you've accepted them into your family and grown close to them
    no one warns you that other family members will also be upset as again they grown to love them and accept them as part of the family
    don't get me wrong I understand their reasons for doing it they are only 18 and nearly 20 but only a few weeks ago they were talking about sorting their jobs out and planning on getting a place of their own and now out of the blue all this has happened.
    Its just very upsetting